Why Do Beautiful Women Prefer Ugly Men?


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Why Do Beautiful Women Prefer Ugly Men?


Ugly men of the world, rejoice.


Beautiful women prefer you to those great looking hunks.


Well, to be sure, not all beautiful women prefer ugly men, but you'd have doubtless come across a couple in which the husband looks like God made him while in a sour mood and the babe looks hottie hot. It would have left you wondering what makes such unlikely couplings happen...


At least it left me wondering...so I thought I'd devote a few hours of research to figure out the answer to this earth-shattering question. The results of my researches, I fondly hope, will forever change the lives of countless ugly men (and there are really lots and lots of them, I should know, I’m one of them). If they don’t, I hope it changes my life at least – now that is not asking for too much, is it?


Now, to the topic: Why indeed should those drop-dead gorgeous women reject fabulous hunks and go for dropped-and-dead ugly trunks?


(The bigger question of course is: “I’m an ordinary-looking chap, how do I land a great-looking woman?” – Find some answers to this question here)


Because ugly men will be toads at their feet?


One hypothesis holds that beautiful women marry ugly men because it will make them feel on top. You might feel this is a case of misplaced priorities, but well, there it is.


At one of the message boards, a creative chap has put it thus: "Because they can leave them standing around malls, parties, and airports and they will still be there when they come back, no matter how long it takes." At the same board, another confident member chips in: "…the answer is simple. Women are extremely insecure and don't want to be the less attractive one in the relationship...women are high maintenance and need constant doting and reassurance about their looks. They need to be able to "look down" on their boyfriend..." (you don't have to be a genius to guess the sex of this member )


Because beautiful women are egoists and insecure?


A related hypothesis states that with an ugly husband, a beautiful woman can leave his husband behind and travel the world, and upon her return find that he is still her (and no one else’s) husband – it is of course entirely possible she is no longer his wife…


A member who goes by the name "Fantastic" and professes to be female has posted this comment to the article @ YouSayToo "I'm just giving thought why woman would choose an ugly one.... she will have then an illusion that nobody else would like him so she can own as much as she wants.....also there are some ladies who pick not only ugly man, but ugly female friend so she could feel herself more beautiful and sexy compare to ugly mate :)))) women are cruel! If she chooses an ugly one she probably has a hidden motive. It’s much easier to fall in love with person who is pretty looking :)…"


Because some men can be “cute ugly” as against “ugly ugly”?


Some hold the belief some beautiful women tend towards ugly men because they like oxymorons (not morons)…


Listen to this response from a (supposedly) female member at the same YouSayToo article comments section: "I just love ugly men! I am just crazy about them, no, I mean it - not disgustingly ugly, but cute ugly, if you know what I mean...". Cute ugly...now that's something for me munch on...Ahhh


Because men with mediocre looks are more charming and intelligent?


There is a school of thought that opines that a term similar to “dumb blonde” should be there for the male sex as well – Asinine Adonis? You might agree with such a thought if you read the following.


A member who goes by the name LC adds rather seriously, and I must say sensibly as well, in the above-mentioned YouSayToo article: "I am attracted to beautiful men but that simply isn't enough. I've dated models and men who are not as conventionally attractive, and I will say simply affirm that in my experience, the unconventional ones were ten thousand times more charming and were the only ones able to steal my heart. However, if a beautiful man had those characteristics, I woudn't mind - BUT designer people don't exist, and personality counts more."


Reaffirming this interesting trend is Selena Maria, a beautiful woman who has dated her fair share of hunks, but has given up on gorgeous guys because they’re dull – both in and out of bed, in her opinion. According to this article in The Sun, UK, she says, "I can’t imagine anything more boring than classic handsome looks,’ she says. ‘I prefer no teeth, baldness and piercings to model looks. I like celebs such as Adrien Brody and Mackenzie Crook rather than Brad Pitt...‘Ugly men try harder. They care more about you and treat you like a princess. Good-looking guys are self-obsessed. That’s not attractive.’" Ummm...


Because ugly men have “stronger” genes?


Well, who would have thought beauty is more than skin deep – it is apparently gene-deep! There are folks who say beautiful women marry ugly men for what is inside their jeans...oops genes…


According to the same Sun article mentioned above, in a recent study, sociologist Diane Felmee found only a third of women said looks were the first thing that attracted them to a man. Most preferred a sense of humour or financial and career success. And the article goes on to say that researchers at Newcastle University also believe ugly men exist as a way of repairing our gene pool. Women would rather date men with good genes, who can fight disease easily, than a classically beautiful man....so there is a lot of science as well to it, eh?


Because bald is beautiful?


And then there’s this bunch of people who think women care more for what is below than what is above their heads. Women, according to these folks are more interested in how well men can talk and make them laugh than in knowing whether they have their heads full of hair.


A gorgeous model Vanessa Upton, 28, from Southeast London, who has married a rugged-looking chappie, chimes in with her own opinion: "I’ve never been attracted to smooth-looking men. I’m surrounded by male models at work, and while they’re often lovely guys, the chisel-jawed Italian-stallion look makes me cringe. They are so very ordinary. I like a man who looks different – intriguing, with something to offer on the inside. And there’s something about blokes with bald heads that drives me really crazy – especially if they can make me laugh, too...." So folks, off you go to the barber and on the way back don’t forget to buy a joke book.


Because all told, old is gold?


Old men know things that young men don’t – a reasonable assumption. But does that knowledge compensate for the lack of many other things that women would want? Apparently it does, for some beautiful women…


"He’s not old and ugly – he’s God’s gift” says Artist Inesa Vaiciute, 25, of Barrington, her wrinkly lover in the same Sun article. She was on a train when she spotted a man with long, straggly hair and a very unusual face. His looks intrigued her and they got talking. He told her he worked as an artist and she assumed he was in his late forties. There was something about him that made her increasingly drawn to him, even though he looked unkempt and had a huge hooked nose. They swapped email addresses and kept in touch. Months later, they went on our first date. He then told her he was actually 63 years old!


Inesa says even though Barrington is 38 years elder, he has so much energy, she has trouble keeping up. She also says that when she had previously dated men her own age, they felt threatened by her creativity and the attention she attracted. But Barrington doesn’t get jealous or insecure; rather, he feels proud when she gets chatted up. Being a British lady, of course she has to comment on their sex life together: “Our sex life is fantastic. We make love every day. Barrington’s age is a plus there, too. He has years of experience in the sack.” Hmmm…oldies out there, you simply don’t know what you are missing…


Because it is the math, stupid?


Beautiful women might not be good at math (now you have it confirmed that I’m an MCP), but apparently they use math – without their knowledge – while choosing partners. Read on…


Here's an interesting study that tries to say it's just numbers which cause beautiful women to marry ugly men. Listen to this: "a new study by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics, suggests it may be a simple supply-and-demand issue: there are more beautiful women in the world than there are handsome men. Why? Kanazawa argues it’s because good-looking parents are 36% more likely to have a baby daughter as their first child than a baby son — which suggests, evolutionarily speaking, that beauty is a trait more valuable for women than for men. The study was conducted with data from 3,000 Americans, derived from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, and was published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology."


Because it is all about money, honey?


Beautiful women apparently use both their hearts and minds while choosing partners – and some end up choosing one for each!


Listen to this interesting comment at the Telegraph article, from a reader, "Margaret Mead suggested that women should have 3 husbands, one for young sex, one for raising kids and one for companionship in old age...". I’m not sure if Margaret Mead really said it, but am sure many women wouldn't mind taking up the advice...another reader, Bob, points out sagely: "If you are rich and ugly, do not fret. The economy is about to go to hell so in a year or two you will be swamped with admirers..." (just go through all the comments for this article, truly amazing...appears that the Brits have some really strong opinions on this subject...)


Because she is papa’s girl?


Like mom, like daughter. Her mom married an ugly (but nice) man, and so would the daughter. You think I made this up? No way…


Read a recent news report from Live Science that says, "Women Prefer Men Who Look Like Dad". Te report goes on to say that, "The type of man who makes a woman’s heart flutter has a lot to do with whether she was a daddy’s girl, according to a new study. Women who got along well with their dads as kids are attracted to men who resemble their fathers, whereas women who had a bad father-daughter relationship do not..." So, if I understood this correctly, if you are an ugly male and you want to jug that gorgeous lady you saw in the bus yesterday, just pray to god that she has a dad who she is fond of and who looks as ugly as you do...the odds are not very appealing, but well if you don't have much of a choice...


Because some beautiful women are just different?


And finally there are those who stick to the old adage, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, providing the beholder is not blind.” The following paragraph sort of confirms their belief.


Reporting on an interesting 2001 study on mating patterns of animals (not just women) this news report @ New Scientist says, "They (the research team) found that although all the females (female guppies that were studied) liked males with bright orange spots and large tails, a minority of females also liked males with black markings...(one of the research team member says in the report) that previous studies failed to detect idiosyncratic mate choice because they looked at what whole populations found attractive on average. 'But you don't mate with an average, you mate with an individual,' he says"!


So, there you have it - my meticulous research into the intriguing topic of beautiful babes hitching up with horrible hunks.




So, this is the list of possibilities we have:


  • Because ugly men will be toads at their feet?
  • Because beautiful women are egoists and insecure?
  • Because some men can be cute ugly as against ugly ugly?
  • Because men with mediocre looks are more charming and intelligent?
  • Because ugly men have “stronger” genes?
  • Because old is beautiful?
  • Because it is simply the economics, stupid?
  • Because it is all about money, honey?
  • Because variety is the spice of life?
  • Because she is papa’s girl?
  • Because some beautiful women are just different?


Well, I am not an expert to tell you which of the ones is the most likely reason…it is more likely that it is a combination of the above, or perhaps it depends on the lady in question…but the above list might be useful for those men – like me - who god did not care to make aesthetically pleasing. It gives us the hope that with these bits of insight as the base and with some preparation, who knows even I might be able to land a great chick ;-)


And before you push off from this page, here’s one another list


Someone else appears to have gotten to doing a similar research to mine on the possible reasons, and here are some of the points the chap/lady has put down:


"Women prefer to date ugly men for the following reasons:


  • Ugly men try harder
  • Ugly men care more
  • Unattracive men know how to treat a woman like a princess
  • Blokes(men) with bald heads drive women really crazy and make them laugh, too
  • Looks alone aren’t enough to desire a man
  • Men who look different are often intriguing with something to offer on the inside
  • Once the bedroom lights go out, it’s down to sexual skill and personality
  • Smooth-looking men are unattractive
  • Good-looking men are just boring
  • Good-looking guys are self-obsessed and not attractive."


A few other links & nuggets to satisfy your curiosity:


  • An interesting report from ContraCosta Times titled "Ugly Men Take Heart"
  • Wow - lots of good answers from Y! Answers (mostly from women)
  • And here's this post from Telegraph, UK asking "Should women shun men who are too good to be true?". The post says, "Men who are “too good to be true”, with looks, wealth and status all on their side, are less appealing to women than attractive men with an average kind of job, a new study has suggested. Researchers were surprised to find that "highly attractive men of medium status" scored better than "highly attractive men of high status" in a survey asking women to rate potential long-term partners."


Written by: Balu Sant, ecacofonix@yahoo.com – tell me what you think!


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