Where Google is Bigger than Sex & God Gives Paris Hilton a Run for Her Money


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Where Google is Bigger than Sex & God


The newly launched Google Trends is an interesting applications that allows one to test the “popularity” of various themes by checking out what their search volumes are.


That is, if you wish to know if New York is more popular than Los Angeles (which it is), you can type both names separated by a comma into the search box at Google Trends, and you will see in the next page a graph that tells that New York is far more popular as a search term than is Los Angeles.


No surprises there.


No surprises either that the word “Google” as a search term is far more popular than the word “God” (the world is sure is becoming full of heretics).


But an interesting trend awaited me when I compared the words “Sex” & “Google”. Until early 2005, the word “sex” was far more popular than the word “Google”. From that time onwards, both these words are running neck to neck in their popularity.


Interesting. Depending on how you wish to interpret the result, the following inferences could be made:


  1. Since early 2005, people have become less interested in sex and more interested in Internet search (yeah, go ahead, believe it!)
  2. Since early 2005, human beings’ sex drive has kind of remained the same (come on, it has evolved over thousands of years, it can’t change dramatically over a couple of years), while Internet search through Google has become more popular.


Obviously, the second is the most likely reason, but well, you are free to choose either of the above J


With the right kind of analytical mindset, I feel it is possible to derive phenomenal insights from Google Trends. Right now it doesn’t offer a lot of data, but even the little it offers is immensely valuable.


I tried a few other combinations, and the results:


  1. Microsoft & Linux – Hmmph, Microsoft wins, though not by a big margin.
  2. Britney Spears & Paris Hilton – It’s a neck to neck here
  3. Paris Hilton, God – Surprise, surprise! God is giving Paris a run for her (or rather her pop’s) money
  4. Sex & Dating – Need not have tried it at all.
  5. Yahoo, Google – Yahoo still manages to maintain a small lead
  6. MySpace, YouTube – YouTube has just about overtaken MySpace and is steadily gaining on it


Will post more soon.


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