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Which are the main airplane manufacturing companies in the world?






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For all aircraft related questions see the All about Aircraft section.


Which are the main airplane manufacturing companies in the world? 


While there are lots of aircraft manufacturers in niche areas, there are fewer than a dozen airplane manufacturing companies that serve mass markets. Some of the prominent aircraft manufacturers are Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier & Smith’s Aerospace


The aircraft business is a very highly capital intensive business. Add to this the fact that it requires exceptional engineering skills to build aircraft, the high risk nature of the business, and the need for companies to achieve economies of scale in order to survive, and you can easily understand why the aircraft manufacturing business is unique and has relatively few companies in its roster.


The following is the complete list of aircraft manufacturing companies, past and present. This list is courtesy Wikipedia article. As mentioned earlier, many of the companies listed below are no longer in operation. To know more about each company we request you visit this Wikipedia page.




3Xtrim Aircraft Factory (Zaklady Lotnicze 3Xtrim Sp z oo) ( Poland) - From Wytwórnia i Naprawa Konstrukcji Lekkich 1999, currently operational



A2I2 - see Allied Aerospace Industries

AAA - see Advanced Amphibious Aircraft

AAC - see Advanced Aircraft Corporation

AAC - see Amphibian Airplanes of Canada

Aachen Flugzeugbau ( Germany) - founded 1914, renamed Aachener Segelflugzeugbau in 1921

Aachener Segelflugzeugbau ( Germany) - renamed from Aachen Flugzeugbau 1921, absorbed into Junkers in 1923

AAI - see Aircraft Armaments Incorporated

AAI - see Aviation Association Ilyushin

AAI Corporation ( United States) - renamed from Aircraft Armaments Incorporated in 1985, currently operational

AAMSA - see Aeronáutica Agrícola Mexicana SA

AAS - see Ateliers Aéronautiques de Suresnes

AASI - see Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc. - filed for bankruptcy in 2004 (defunct)

AAT, AAT - Unknown, (1945-1950)

A-B Helicopters ( United States)

ABAP, ABAP - Unknown, (1958-?)

Abaris Aircraft Corporation ( United States) - formed 2001, currently operational

Abbot (E. D. Abbott Ltd.) ( United Kingdom

ABC Motors Ltd. ( United Kingdom) - formed 1912, absorbed into Vickers in 1951

ABHCO - see Arab British Helicopter Company

Abraham, Abraham - France

Abrams Air Craft Corporation ( United States), formed 1937, defunct 1940

ABS, ABS Aircraft - Germany, (1985-?)

ABS, ABS Aircraft AG - Switzerland, (1985-?)

AC Mobil 34, AC Mobil 34 - France

ACBA, Aéro Club de Bas Armagnac - France

Ace, Ace Aircraft Manufacturing and Supply - United States

Ace, Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Company - United States, (1929-1931) > Corben Aircraft Company

Ace, Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Inc - United States

Aceair, Aceair SA - Switzerland

Aces High, Aces High Light Aircraft Ltd - Canada

ACME, Air Craft Marine Engineering - United States, (1954-?)

Acme, Acme Aircraft Corp - United States, (1929-?)

Acro Sport, Acro Sport Inc - United States, (?-present)

AD Aerospace, AD Aerospace Ltd - United Kingdom

ADA, Aeronautical Development Agency - India, (1984-present)

Adam (1), Roger Adam - France, (1948-1955)

Adam (2), Adam Aircraft Industries LLC - United States, (1998-present) (AAI)

Adamoli-Cattani, Adamoli-Cattani - Italy

Adams Aero, Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc - United States

Adams, Adams Industries Inc - United States

Adams-Toman, Adams-Toman Aircraft Co - United States

Adams-Wilson, Adams-Wilson Helicopters Inc - United States

Adaro, Adaro - Spain

ADC Aircraft, Aircraft Disposals Company - United Kingdom, (1920-1930)

Adcox, Adcox Aviation Trade School - United States

Adkisson, Earl and Jerry Adkisson - United States

Adler, Adler (Adlerwerke vorm Heinrich Kleyer) - Germany, (1934-?)

Admiralty, British Admiralty Air Department - United Kingdom, (AD)

Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures, Inc. (AASI) ( United States) - founded 1989, renamed to Mooney Aerospace Group in 2002

Advanced Aeromarine, Advanced Aeromarine - United States, > Keuthan Aircraft

Advanced Aircraft Corporation (AAC) - United States

Advanced Amphibious Aircraft (AAA) - Germany/Italy, (1988-?)

Advanced Aviation, Advanced Aviation Inc - United States

Advanced Soaring Concepts, Advanced Soaring Concepts - United States

Adventure Air, Adventure Air - United States

AD-Y, Antonov Dniepropetrovsk-Yuzhyazhmash - Russia

AEA, Aeronautical Engineers Australia Research Pty Ltd - Australia, (1978-present)

AEA, Aerial Experiment Association - Canada, (1907-1909) > Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company

AEC, Aircraft Engineering Corp - United States

AEG, Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft - Germany, (1910-1918) (General Electricity Company)

AEKKEA-RAAB, AEKKEA - Greece (1935-1939)

AER, Aer Aircraft Corp. - United States

Aer Lualdi, Aer Lualdi & C SpA - Italy

Aer Pegaso, Aer Pegaso - Argentina

Aerauto, Aerauto - Italy, (1950-1953)

Aereon, Aereon - United States, (1967-?)

Aerfer, Aerfer-Industrie Aerospaziali Meridionali SpA - Italy, (1955-1969) > Aeritalia

Aerfer, Aerfer-Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali SpA - Italy

Aerfer-Aermacchi, see AERFER and AERMACCHI - Italy

Aerial Distributors, Aerial Distributors - United States, (1967-?)

Aerial Service Corporation, Aerial Service Corporation - United States, (1920-?) > Mercury Aircraft

Aériane, Aériane - Belgium

Aeritalia, Aeritalia-Società Aerospaziale Italiana pA - Italy, (1969-1981) > Alenia

Aeritalia-Aermacchi, see AERITALIA and AERMACCHI - Italy

Aermacchi, Aermacchi SpA - Italy, (1913-present)

'Aermacchi, Aeronautica Macchi SpA - Italy

Aero (1), Aero Design and Engineering Company - United States, (1944-1960) > Rockwell

Aero (2), Aero Vodochody AS - Czech Republic, (1994-present)

Aero (2), Aero Vodochody Národní Podnik - Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, (1919-1994)

Aero (3), Aero Sp z oo - Poland

Aero Adventure, Aero Adventure Inc - United States

A.E.R.O. Aircraft Services, LLC[http://www.aeroaircraft.com/ - manufacturer of Lake amphibian aircraft - United States

Aero Boero, Aero Boero SA - Argentina, (1952-present)

Aero Boero, Aero Boero SRL - Argentina

Aero Boero, Aero Talleres Boero SRL - Argentina

Aero Bravo, Aerobravo Industria Aeronautica Ltda - Brazil, (1993-present)

Aero Commander, Aero Commander Inc - United States

Aero Composites, Aero Composites - United States

Aero Design Associates - United States

Aero Designs, Aero Designs Inc - United States

Aero Gare, Aero Gare - United States

Aero Jaen, Aeronautica de Jaen - Spain

Aero Kuhlmann, Aero Kuhlmann - France

Aero Mercantil, Aero Mercantil SA - Colombia

Aero Mirage, Aero Mirage Inc - United States

Aero Mod, Aero Mod General - United States

Aero Resources -  United States

Aero Spacelines, Aero Spacelines Inc - United States, (1961-1974) > Tracor

AeroCad, AeroCad Inc - United States

Aero-Cam, Aero-Cam Pty Ltd - South Africa

Aerocar, Aerocar Inc - United States

Aerocar International, Aerocar International - United States, (1945-1961)

Aérocentre, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre - France, (SNCAC)

Aero-Club, Aero-Club der Schweiz - Switzerland

Aerocomp, Aerocomp Inc - United States

Aero-Composites, Aero-Composites Technologies Inc - United States

Aero-Craft, Aero-Craft - Unknown

Aero-Difusión, Aero-Difusión SL - Spain (1955- )

Aérodis, Aérodis SARL - France

Aero-Flight, Aero-Flight - United States

Aerion Corporation - United States

Aero-Jodel, Aero Flugzeugbau Hubert Zuerl - Germany

Aerokopter, OOO Aerokopter - Ukraine

AeroLites, Aerolites Inc - United States

Aeromarine, Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co. - United States, (1908-1935) (Prior to 1914 was the Boland Aeroplane and Motor Co.) > Burnelli

Aeromere, Aeromere SpA - Italy

Aeromot, Aeromot Industria Mecanico-Metalurgica Ltda - Brazil

Aeromot, Aeronaves e Motores SA - Brazil

Aeronautica Agrícola Mexicana SA (AAMSA) ( Mexico) - founded 1971, dissolved 1984

Aeronautical Engineering Co., Aeronautical Engineering Co. - United States

Aeronca, Aeronautical Corporation of America - United States, (1928-1951)

Aeronca, Aeronca Manufacturing Corporation - United States

Aeroplastika, Aeroplastika - Lithuania

Aeropract, Aeropract JSC - Russia

Aeropract, KB Aeropract - Russia

Aeropract, LM Aeropract Samara - Russia

Aeropract, OKB Aeroprakt - Russia

Aeropract, Aeroprakt Firma - Ukraine

Aeropract, Aeroprakt ooo - Ukraine

Aeropro, Aeropro sro - Slovakia

Aeroprogress, Aeroprogress Corporation - Russia

Aeroric, Aeroric Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Predpriyatie OOO - Russia


Aeros, Aeros - Ukraine

Aerospace General -  United States

Aérospatiale, Société Nationale Industrielle Aerospatiale - France, (1970-1999) (SONACA) > Aérospatiale-Matra

Aérospatiale-Matra, Aérospatiale-Matra - France, (1999-2000) > EADS

Aerospool, Aerospool spol sro - Slovakia

Aerosport, Aerosport Inc - United States

Aerostar (1), Aerostar Aircraft Corporation - United States

Aerostar (2), SC Aerostar SA - Romania

Aérostructure, Aérostructure SARL - France

Aerosud, Aerosud - South Africa

Aerotaller, Aerotaller - Argentina

Aerotec, Aerotec SA Industria Aeronáutica - Brazil, (1962-1987)

Aerotechnik, Aerotechnik CZ SRO - Czech Republic

Aerotécnica - Spain

Aerotek (1), Aerotek Inc - United States

Aerotek (2), Aeronautical Systems Technology - South Africa

Aero-Volga, NPO Aero-Volga - Russia

Aesl, Aero Engine Services Ltd - New Zealand

AFIC, AFIC Pty Ltd - South Africa

AFU - Switzerland

Ag-Cat, Ag-Cat Corporation - United States

AGO Flugzeugwerke, Ago Flugzeugwerke - Germany

Agro-Copteros, Agro-Copteros Ltda - Colombia

Agrolot, Fundacja Agrolot - Poland

Agrolot, Wyposazen Agrolotniczych - Poland

Agusta, Agusta SpA - Italy, (1907-present)

Agusta, Agusta, Division of Finmeccanica - Italy

Agusta, Costruzioni Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta SpA - Italy

Ahrens, Ahrens Aircraft Corp. - United States

AI(R), Aero International (Regional) - UK/France/Italy

AIAA, Atelier Industriel de l'Aéronautique d'Alger - Algeria, (1948-1960)

Aichi Kokuki, Aichi Kokuki KK - Japan, (1931-1945) (Aichi Aircraft Company)

AICSA, Aero Industrial Colombiana SA - Colombia

AIDC, Aero Industry Development Center - Republic of China (Taiwan)

AIDC, Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation - Republic of China (Taiwan)

AIEP, Aeronautical Industrial Engineering and Project Management Company Ltd - Nigeria

AII, Aviation Industries of Iran - Iran, (1993-present)

AIL, Aeronautics (India) Ltd - India

AIR, Aircraft Investor Resources LLC - United States

Air & Space, Air & Space America Inc - United States

Air & Space, Air & Space Manufacturing Inc - United States

Air Command, Air Command International Inc - United States

Air Parts, Air Parts (NZ) Ltd - New Zealand

Air Products, Air Products Company Inc - United States

Air Tractor, Air Tractor Inc - United States, (1972-present)

Airbus, Airbus SAS - France/Germany/UK/Spain, (1970-present)

Airbus, GIE Airbus Industrie - France/Germany/UK/Spain

Airco, Aircraft Manufacturing Company - United Kingdom, (1912-1920) > de Havilland

Airconcept, Airconcept Flugzeug und Gerätebau GmbH und Co KG - Germany

Aircraft Armaments Incorporated (AAI) ( United States) - founded 1950, renamed to AAI Corporation 1985

Aircraft Cooperative, Aircraft Cooperative - United States

Aircraft Designs, Aircraft Designs Inc - United States, (1986-present) (ADI)

Aircraft Hydro-Forming, Aircraft Hydro-Forming Inc - United States

Aircraft Parts, Aircraft Parts and Development Corporation - United States

Aircraft Spruce, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company - United States

Aircraft Technologies, Aircraft Technologies Inc - United States

Air-Fouga, Air-Fouga - France

Airmaster, Airmaster Inc - United States

Airspeed, Airspeed Ltd - United Kingdom, (1931-1951) > de Havilland

Airtech (1), Airtech Canada Aviation Services Ltd - Canada

Airtech (2), Aircraft Technology Industries - Indonesia/Spain

AISA, Aeronautica Industrial SA - Spain

AJEP, AJEP Developments - United Kingdom

AJI, American Jet Industries Inc - United States

Akaflieg Berlin, Akademische Fliegergruppe Berlin eV - Germany

Akaflieg Braunschweig, Akaflieg Braunschweig - Germany

Akaflieg Darmstadt, Akademische Fliegergruppe Darmstadt eV - Germany

Akaflieg Hannover, Akaflieg Hannover - Germany

Akaflieg Karlsruhe, Akademische Fliegergruppe Karlsruhe eV - Germany

Akaflieg Munchen, Akademische Fliegergruppe München eV - Germany

Akaflieg Stuttgart, Akaflieg Stuttgart - Germany

Akron, Akron Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Akrotech, Akrotech Aviation Inc - United States

Akrotech Europe, Akrotech Europe SA - France

Alanne, Pentti Alanne - Finland

Alaparma - Italy

Albatros, Fabrika aviona Albatros - Yugoslavia

Albatros Flugzeugwerke, Albatros Flugzeugwerke - Germany, (1910-1931) > Focke-Wulf

Albatros-Flugzeugwerke, Ostdeutsche Albatros Werke - Germany, (East German Albatros Works)

Alenia, Alenia - Italy, (1981-present)

Alenia, Alenia Aerospazio, Division of Finmeccanica - Italy

Alexander Aircraft Company, Englewood/Colorado Springs, Colorado - United States (1926-1932)

Alfa-M, Alfa-M Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Predpriyatie AOOT - Russia

Alisport, Alisport - Italy

All American - USA

Alliance Aeroplane Company, Alliance Aeroplane Company Ltd, United Kingdom

Alliant, Alliant Techsystems - United States

Allied Aerospace Industries - United States, (?-present)

Allied Aviation - United States

Allison, Allison Gas Turbine Division GMC - United States

Alon, Alon Inc - United States, (1964-1967) > Mooney

Alpavia, Alpavia SA - France, (1959-1966) > Sportavia-Putzer

Alpavia, Société Alpavia - France

Alpha, Alpha - Poland

Alpi, Alpi Aviation Srl - Italy

Alpla, Alpla-Werke Alwin Lechner OHG - Austria

Altair Coelho, Altair Coelho - Brazil

Alturair, Alturair - United States

Alvarez, Joseph P. Alvarez - United States

Amax, Amax Engineering - Australia

Ambrosini, Societa Aeronautica Italiana Ing. A. Ambrosini & Companie - Italy, (1934-1958)

Amc, Aircraft Manufacuring Company - United States, (1917-1920)

Amd, Aircraft Manufacturing and Development Company Inc - United States

Ameagle, AmEagle Corporation - United States

American, American Aviation Corporation - United States

American Affordable, American Affordable Aircraft - United States, (AAA)

American Aircraft, American Aircraft Inc - United States

American Airmotive - United States

American Autogyro, American Autogyro Inc - United States

American Champion, American Champion Aircraft Corporation - United States

American Eagle, American Eagle Aircraft Corporation - United States

American General, American General Aircraft Company - United States

American Homebuilts, American Homebuilts' Inc - United States

American Sportscopter, American Sportscopter Inc - United States

American Utilicraft, American Utilicraft Corporation - United States

Ameur Aviation SA (or simply "Ameur") - France

Ameur Aviation Technologie (or simply "Ameur") - France

Amiot, Amiot - France, (1915-1945) (Amiot-Peneau) > Ateliers Aeronautiques de Colombes, SNCAC

Amoy, Amoy - Unknown, (1930-1935)

Amphibian Airplanes of Canada (AAC) - Canada, (1998-?)

AMS-Flight, AMS-Flight DOO - Slovenia

AMX, AMX International Ltd - Italy/Brazil

Anahuac, Fabrica de Aviones Anahuac SA - Mexico

Anatra - Russia

ANBO - Antanas Gustaitis at the Lithuanian Army Aviation Workshops - Lithuania

Anderson, Anderson Aircraft Corporation - United States

Anderson, Earl Anderson - United States

Anderson-Greenwood, Anderson, Greenwood and Company - United States

Andreasson, Björn Andreasson - Sweden

ANF Mureaux, ANF Mureaux - France, (1918-1937) > SNCAN

Angel, Angel Aircraft Corporation - United States

Anglin, Anglin Engineering - United States

Anglin, Anglin Special Aero Planes Inc - United States

Anglo Normandy, Anglo Normandy Aero Engineering - United Kingdom

Ansaldo - Italy, (1916-1928)

Antoinette, Antoinette - France, (1906-1912)

Antoniewski, Tomek Antoniewski - Poland

Antonov, Antonov OKB - Ukraine, (1947-present)

Antonov, Aviatsionny Nauchno-Tekhnichesky Kompleks Imeni O K Antonova - Ukraine

AOI, Arab Organisation for Industrialisation, Aircraft Factory - Egypt

Apex Aircraft - France

Applebay, Applebay Inc - United States

Applegate & Weyant, Applegate & Weyant - United States

Aquila, Aquila Technische Entwicklungen GmbH - Germany

Arab British Helicopter Company (ABHCO) ( Egypt)

Arado, Arado Flugzeugwerke GmbH - Germany, (1925-1945)

Arc Atlantique, Arc Atlantique Aviation - France

Arctic, Arctic Aircraft Company - United States

ARDC, Air Force Research and Development Center - Philippines

Arkhangelski, Arkhangelski OKB - Russia

Armstrong Siddeley, Armstrong Siddeley - United Kingdom, Possibly engine maker

Armstrong Whitworth, Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1913-1958) > Hawker Siddeley

Arnet Pereyra, Arnet Pereyra Aero Design - United States

Arrow (1), Arrow Airplane & Motors Corporation - United States

Arrow (2), Arrow Aircraft Company - Canada

Arrow Aircraft, Arrow Airplane Company - United States, (1931-1935)

Arsenal de l'Aeronautique, Arsenal de l'Aeronautique - France, (1936-1953) > SFECMAS

ARV, ARV Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom

ASAP, Aircraft Sales & Parts - Canada

ASJA - Sweden

ASL, ASL Hagfors Aero AB - Sweden

Asso Aerei, Asso Aerei Srl - Italy

Associated Air, Associated Air - United States

ASTA, Aerospace Technologies of Australia Pty Ltd - Australia, (1987-present)

Astra, Astra Societe de Constructions Aeronautiques - France, (1909-1921) > Nieuport

ATB, First Naval Air Technical Bureau (abbreviated Kugisho) - Japan, (1969-1996) > Aeronautical Development Agency

Ateliers Aeronautiques de Colombes, Ateliers Aeronautiques de Colombes - France, -1945

Ateliers Aéronautiques de Suresnes (AAS) ( France) - founded 1945, now defunct

Ateliers, Ateliers de Construction Aéronautique de Zeebrugge - Belgium, (1923-1933) (ACAZ) (Zeebrugge Aeronautical Construction Company) (ZACCO)

Atlantic-Fokker, Atlantic Fokker Corporation (American Fokker) - United States

Atlas, Atlas Aircraft Corporation of South Africa (Pty) Ltd - South Africa, (1965-present)

Atlas, Atlas Aviation (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Atlas, Atlas Aviation, Division of Denel (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

ATR, GIE Avions de Transport Régional - France/Italy, (1981-present)

Aubert, Aubert Aviation - France, (1932-1940)

Auster, Auster Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1946-1961)

Austflight, Austflight ULA Pty Ltd - Australia

Austin Motors, Austin Motors Ltd. - United Kingdom

Australian Aircraft & Engineering, Australian Aircraft & Engineering - Australia, (1910-1923)

Australian Aircraft Consortium, Australian Aircraft Consortium - Australia, (1982-1985) (A joint venture between the Government Aircraft Factory, the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and Hawker de Havilland.) > Hawker de Havilland

Australite, Australite Inc - United States

Auto-Aero, Auto-Aero - Hungary

Avcraft, AvCraft Aviation LLC - United States

AVE, Advanced Vehicle Engineers - United States, (1971-1973)

Avia (1), Azionari Vercellese Industrie Aeronautiche - Italy

Avia (2), Avia-Zavody Jirího Dimitrova - Czechoslovakia, (1919-1958)

Avia (3), Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoe Obedinenie Avia - Russia

Avia Baltika, Avia Baltika Aviation Ltd - Lithuania

Aviabellanca, AviaBellanca Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1983-present)

Aviamilano, Aviamilano Costruzioni Aeronautiche SRL - Italy, (1959-?)

Aviastroitel, AviaStroitel Ltd - Russia

Aviat, Aviat Aircraft Inc - United States

Aviat, Aviat Inc - United States

Aviatik, Österreichische-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik - Austria, (1910-1918) (Automobil und Aviatik)

Aviatika, Aviatika JSC - Russia

Aviatika, Kontsern Aviatika - Russia

Aviation, Aviaton Nauchno-Proizvodstvennaya Aviatsionnaya Firma - Russia

Aviation Association Ilyushin ( Russia) - Formed 1992

Aviation Composite Technology, Aviation Composite Technology - Philippines, (1990-?) (ACT)

Aviation Development, Aviation Development International Ltd - United States

Aviation Farm, Aviation Farm Ltd - Poland

Aviation Industries of Iran, Iran

Aviation Scotland, Aviation Scotland Ltd - United Kingdom

Aviation Traders, Aviation Traders (Engineering) Ltd - United Kingdom, (1949-1962)

Avibras, Avribras Aeroespacial SA - Brazil, (1963-1967) (Aviation Brazil)

Avid, Avid Aircraft Inc - United States

Avioane, SC Avioane SA - Romania

Aviones Colombia, Aviones de Colombia SA - Colombia

Avions Fairey, Avions Fairey SA - Belgium, (1931-1978) > Aêrospatiale

Avions Fairey, Fairey SA - Belgium

Aviotechnica, Aviotechnica Ltd - Bulgaria/Russia

Avipro, AviPro Aircraft Ltd - United States

AVIS, AVIS Aircraft - Unknown, (1917-1923) -1941

Avro, A. V. Roe & Company - United Kingdom, (1910-1963) > Hawker Siddeley

Avro, A. V. Roe & Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Avro, Avro International Aerospace Ltd - United Kingdom

Avro Canada, Avro Aircraft Canada - Canada, (1945-1962) > Hawker Siddeley

Avtek, Avtek Corporation - United States

Ayres, Ayres Corporation - United States, (?-2001) > Thrush Aircraft

Clément Ader, Ader, Clement - France, (1886-1897)




B/E Aerospace - United States, UK, UAE, www.beaeropsace.com

B&W, Boeing & Westervelt - United States, (1916) > Pacific Aero

British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) Ltd - United Kingdom, (1959-1977) > British Aerospace

Bacău, Intreprinderea de Avioane Bacău - Romania

Bachem, Bachem - Germany, (1944-1945)

BAE Systems, BAE Systems PLC - United Kingdom, (1999-present)

BAE Systems Australia, BAE Systems Australia Ltd - Australia

BAI, Bureau of Aircraft Industry - Republic of China, (1946-1969) > Air Technical Bureau

Bakeng, Bakeng Aircraft - United States

Bakeng, Gerald Bakeng - United States

Barkley-Grow, Barkley Grow Aircraft Corporation - United States

Barnett, Barnett Rotorcraft - United States

Barr, Barr Aircraft - United States

Barrows, Bob Barrows - United States

Basler, Basler Turbo Conversions Inc - United States

BAT, British Aerial Transport Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom

Bay Aviation, Bay - United States

Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, Bayerische Flugzeugwerke - Germany, (1926-1938) (BFW - Bavarian Aircraft Works) > Messerschmitt

Bd-Micro, BD-Micro Technologies Inc - United States

Beagle, Beagle Aircraft (1969) Ltd - United Kingdom, (?-1970) > Scottish Aviation

Beagle, Beagle Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Beagle-Auster, Beagle-Auster Ltd - United Kingdom

Beardmore, William Beardmore & Co - United Kingdom

Bede, BD Micro Technologies Inc - United States

Bede, Bede Aircraft Corporation - United States

Bede, Bede Aircraft Inc - United States

Bede, Bede Aviation Corporation - United States

Bede, Bede Jet Corporation - United States

Bede, BEDEAmerica Aerosport LLC - United States

Beech, Beech Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1932-1980) > Rockwell

Beech-Sferma, see BEECH and SFERMA - United States/France

Beecraft, Bee Aviation Associates, Inc. - United States, (1948-1960)

Beets, Glenn Beets - United States

Beijing Keyuan, Beijing Keyuan Light Aircraft Industrial Company Ltd - China

Belairbus, Belairbus - Unknown

Bel-Aire, Bel-Aire Aviation - United States

Bell, Bell Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1935-1960)

Bell, Bell Helicopter Company, Division of Bell Aerospace Corporation - United States, (1960-present)

Bell, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc - United States

Bell, Bell Helicopter Textron, Division of Textron Canada Ltd - Canada

Bell, Bell Helicopter Textron, Division of Textron Inc - United States

Bell-Agusta, Bell-Agusta Aerospace Company - United States/Italy

Bellanca, Bellanca Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1927-1983) > AviaBellanca

Bellanca, Bellanca Aircraft Engineering - United States

Bellanca, Bellanca Inc - United States

Bellanca, Bellanca Sales Manufacturing Inc - United States

Bell-Boeing, see BELL and BOEING - United States

Benes & Hajn, Benes & Hajn - Unknown, (1923) > Avia

Bengis, Bengis Aircraft Company (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Bensen, Bensen Aircraft Corporation - United States, (?-1987)

Beresniak-Isajew, Beresniak-Isajew - Russia

Beriev, Beriev OKB - Russia, (1934-present) (Beriev Aircraft Company)

Beriev, Berieva Aviatsionnyi Kompaniya - Russia

Beriev, Taganrogsky Aviatsionnyi Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Kompleks Imeni G. M. Berieva - Russia

Berkut, Berkut Engineering Inc - United States

Berliner, Berliner Aircraft Co. - United States, (?-1929) > Berliner-Joyce

Berliner-Joyce, Berliner-Joyce Aircraft Corp. - United States, (1929-?)

Bernard Aircraft, Bernard Aircraft - Unknown

Berwick, FW Berwick and Company Ltd. - United Kingdom

Besson, Besson - France, (1915-1928) > ANF Mureaux

Best Off, Best Off - France, (?-present)

Bharat, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd - India

Billie, Billie Aero Marine - France

Binder, Binder Aviatik KG - Germany

Bisnovat, Bisnovat - Russia

Bitz, Bitz Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Bitz, Fa. Josef Bitz - Germany

Blackburn, Blackburn Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1914-1949) > General Aircraft Ltd

Bleriot, Société Blériot Aéronautique - France, (1906-1914) > Blériot-SPAD

Blériot-SPAD, Blériot-SPAD - France, (1914-1936) > Sud-Ouest

Blériot-Voisin, Blériot-Voisin - France, (1903-1906) > Blériot, Voisin

Bloch, Societé des Avions Marcel Bloch - France, (1930-1936) (1945) > Sud-Ouest, Dassault

Blohm + Voss, Blohm + Voss - Germany, (1930-1969) > Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm

Blue Yonder, Blue Yonder Aviation Inc - Canada

B-N Group, B-N Group Ltd - United Kingdom, (1964-present) (Britten-Norman)

Boeing, Boeing Aircraft Company - United States, (1917-present)

Boeing, The Boeing Airplane Company - United States

Boeing, The Boeing Company - United States

Boeing Canada, Boeing Aircraft of Canada Ltd - Canada

Boeing North American, Boeing North American, Inc. - United States, (1996-present)

Boeing Vertol, Boeing Vertol Company - United States

Boeing-Sikorsky, see BOEING and SIKORSKY - United States

Boeve, Boeve Fiberglass Components Inc - United States

Bohemia, Bohemia - Czechia

Boisavia, Société Boisavia - France

Bolkow, Bölkow-Apparatebau GmbH - Germany, (1948-1968) > Messerschmitt-Bölkow

Bolkow, Bölkow-Entwicklungen GmbH - Germany

BOOTH AEROSPACE North America - United States

Bombardier, Bombardier Inc - Canada, (1986-present)

Boulton & Paul Ltd United Kingdom, (1914-1934)

Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1934-1961)

Bowers, Peter M. Bowers - United States

Bradley, Bradley Aerospace - United States

Brandenburg, Brandenburg - Germany

Brandli, Max Brändli - Switzerland

Brantly, Brantly Helicopter Corporation - United States

Brantly, Brantly Helicopter Industries USA Company Ltd - United States

Brantly, Brantly International Inc (Helicopter Division) - United States

Brantly-Hynes, Brantly-Hynes Helicopter Inc - United States, (1975-?)

Bratukhin, Bratukhin - Russia, (1940-?)

Brditschka, H. W. Brditschka OHG - Austria

Brditschka, HB-Brditschka GmbH & Co KG - Austria

Breda, Societa Italiana Ernesto Breda - Italy

Bredanardi, BredaNardi Costruzione Aeronautiche SpA - Italy

Breguet, Société des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Bréguet - France, (1911-1969) > Dassault-Breguet

Brewster, Brewster Aeronautical Corporation - United States, (1932-1946)

Brian Allen, Brian Allen Aviation - United Kingdom

Bristol, Bristol Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1910-1959) > British Aircraft Corporation

Bristol, The Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Bristol Helicopter, Bristol Helicopter Ltd. - United Kingdom, (1944-1969) > Westland Aircraft

British Aerospace, British Aerospace - United Kingdom, (1977-1999) (BAe) > BAE Systems

British Aerospace, British Aerospace PLC - United Kingdom

British Aircraft Manufacturing, British Aircraft Mfg. Co. - United Kingdom, (BAMC)

British Klemm, British Aircraft Klemm Aeroplane Co Ltd. - United Kingdom, > British Aircraft Mfg. Co.

Britten-Norman, Britten-Norman (Bembridge) Ltd - United Kingdom

Britten-Norman, Britten-Norman Ltd - United Kingdom, (1964-present)

Brooklands, Brooklands Aerospace Ltd - United Kingdom

Brooklands, Brooklands Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Brush Electrical, Brush Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom, (Originally Anglo-American Brush Electric Light Corporation)

Buchanan, Buchanan Aircraft Corporation Ltd - Australia

Bucker, Bücker Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany, (1932-1945)

Bucker Prado, Bücker Prado SL - Spain

Bucureşti, Intreprinderea de Avioane Bucureşti - Romania

Budd Manufacturing, Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company - United States

Buethe, Buethe Enterprises Inc - United States

Buhl, Buhl Aircraft Company - United States

Bul, Bourgogne Ultra Léger Aviation - France

Burgess, Burgess Company - United States, (1911-1916) (Originally Burgess Company and Curtis, Inc.)

Burnelli, Burnelli Aircraft Co. - United States

Bushby, Bushby Aircraft Inc - United States

Bushby, Bushby Aircraft Inc - United States



C. Itoh, C. Itoh & Co - Japan, (1955-1970) > JAMCO

CAARP, Cooperatives des Ateliers Aéronautiques de la Région Parisienne - France

CAB, Constructions Aéronautiques du Béarn - France

Cable-Price, Cable-Price Corporation - New Zealand

Cabrinha, Cabrinha Aircraft Corporation - United States

Cabrinha, Cabrinha Engineering Inc - United States

CAG, Construcciones Aeronáuticas de Galicia - Spain

Callair, Call Aircraft Company - United States, (1939-1959) > IMCO

Callair, Callair Inc - United States

Calumet, Calumet Motorsports Inc - United States

Camair, Camair Aircraft Corporation - United States

Camair, Camair Division of Cameron Iron Works Inc - United States

CAMCO, Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company - China, CAMCO

Cameron, Cameron & Sons Aircraft - United States

Campana, Campana Aviation - France

CAMS, Cairns Development Company - United States, (or Cairns Aircraft (E. B. Cams))

Canada Air RV, Canada Air RV Inc - Canada

Canadair, Bombardier Aerospace Canadair - Canada, (?-1986) > Bombardier Aerospace

Canadair, Canadair Group of Bombardier Inc - Canada

Canadair, Canadair Inc - Canada

Canadair, Canadair Ltd - Canada

Canadian Aeroplanes, Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd. - Canada

Canadian Car & Foundry, Canadian Car & Foundry Co. - Canada

Canadian Home Rotors, Canadian Home Rotors Inc - Canada

Canadian Vickers, Canadian Vickers Ltd - Canada

Cansa, Cansa - Italy

CANT, Cantiere Navali Triestino - Italy, (?-1931) > CRDA

CAO/SNCAO, Societe Nationale de Construction Aeronautique de l'Ouest - France

CAP Aviation, CAP Aviation - France

Capella, Capella Aircraft Corporation - United States

Caproni, Caproni - Italy, (1908-1983) > Agusta

Caproni Vizzola, Caproni Vizzola Costruzione Aeronautiche SpA - Italy

Carlson, Carlson Aircraft Inc - United States

Carriou, Louis Carriou - France

Carstedt, Carstedt - United Kingdom

Cartercopters, CarterCopters LLC - United States

CASA, Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA - Spain

Cassutt, Thomas K. Cassutt - United States

CATA, Construction Aéronautique de Technologie Avancée - France

Caudron, British Caudron Co Ltd. - United Kingdom, (Last aircraft made in 1919, went into receivership 1924.)

Caudron, Caudron - France, (1909-?)

Cavalier, Cavalier Aircraft Corp. - United States, (?-1971) > The New Piper Aircraft

CCF, Canadian Car & Foundry Company Ltd - Canada

CEI, CEI - United States

Celair, Celair (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Central Aircraft Company, Central Aircraft Company Limited - United Kingdom

Centre Est, Centre Est Aéronautique - France

Century, Century Aircraft Corporation - United States

CERVA, Consortium Européen de Réalisation et de Vente d'Avions GIE - France

Cessna, Cessna Aircraft Company - United States, (1927-present)

Cessna-Roos, Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company - United States, (1927) > Cessna Aircraft

Clyde Cessna, Clyde Cessna - United States, (1911) (Clyde Vernon Cessna) > Travel Air

Cessna-Reims, Cessna-Reims - United States/France

CFM, CFM Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

CFM, Cook Flying Machines, CFM Metal Fax Ltd - United Kingdom

Chalard, Jacques et Renée Chalard - France

Champion, Champion Aircraft Company Inc - United States, (1954-1970) > Bellanca

Champion, Champion Aircraft Corporation - United States

Chance Vought, Chance Vought Aircraft Inc - United States, (1922-1961) > Vought

Chance Vought, Chance Vought Corporation - United States

Changhe, Changhe Aircraft Factory - China

Changhe, Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation - China

Changhe, Changhe Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation - China

Chasle, Yves Chasle - France

Chayair, Chayair Manufacturing and Aviation - South Africa

Chengdu, Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Corporation - China

Chernov, Opytnyi Konstruktorskoye Byuro Chernov B & M OOO - Russia

Chetverikov, Chetverikov - Russia, (Igor Vyacheslavovich Chetverikov)

Chichester-Miles, Chichester-Miles Consultants Ltd - United Kingdom

Chilton, Chilton Aircraft - United Kingdom, (1937-?)

Chincul, Chincul SACAIFI - Argentina

Chris Tena, Chris Tena Aircraft Association - United States

Chrislea, Chrislea Aircraft Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom

Christen, Christen Industries Inc - United States

Cierva, Cierva Autogyro Company - United Kingdom, (Juan de la Cierva)

Circa, Circa Reproductions - Canada

Cirrus, Cirrus Design Corporation - United States, (1984-present)

Citroen-Marchetti, Citroen-Marchetti - France

Claassen, Claassen - United States

CLASS, Canadian Light Aircraft Sales and Services Inc - Canada

Classic, Classic Aircraft Corporation (WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation) - United States

Classic Fighter, Classic Fighter Industries Inc - United States

Classic Sport, Classic Sport Aircraft - United States

Claudius Dornier, Claudius Dornier Seastar GmbH & Co KG - Germany

Clifford Aeroworks, Clifford Aeroworks - United States

CNA, Compagnia Nazionale Aeronautica - Italy

CNIAR, Centrul National al Industriei Aeronautice Române - Romania

Coandă, Henri Coandă - Romania, (1910-1911) (Henri Marie Coandă) > Bristol

COBELAVIA, Compagnie Belge d'Aviation - Belgium

Cobra, Cobra Aviation - Australia

Cody, Samuel Cody - United Kingdom, (Samuel Franklin Cody)

Colemill, Colemill Enterprises Inc - United States

Collins, Collins Aero - United States

Colomban, Michel Colomban - France

Colombia, Columbia Aircraft Company - United States

Colonial, Colonial Aircraft Corporation - United States

Commander, Commander Aircraft Company - United States

Commonwealth (1), Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Pty Ltd - Australia

Commonwealth (2), Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Inc - United States, (1936-?) (CAC)

Comper, Comper Aircraft Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom, (1929-?)

Comte, Comte Aircraft Factory - Switzerland

Conair, Conair Group Inc. - Canada

Conroy, Conroy Aircraft Corporation - United States

Consolidated Aeronautics Corporation - manufactured Lake aircraft in the 1960s-70s - United States

Consolidated, Consolidated Aircraft Corporation - United States

Continental Copters, Continental Copters Inc - United States

Convair, Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1943-1996) > General Dynamics

Convair, Convair Division of General Dynamics Corporation - United States

Corben Sport Plane and Supply Company ( United States) - founded 1931, sold to Paul Poberezny in 1952

Corby, John C. Corby - Australia

Cosy, Cosy Europe - Germany

Country Air, Country Air Inc - United States

Coupe, Coupé-Aviation - France

Co-Z, Co-Z Development Corporation - United States

Co-Z, Co-Z Europa - Germany

Crae, CRAE Elettromeccanica SpA - Italy

Craiova, Intreprinderea de Avioane Craiova - Romania

Cranfield, Cranfield Institute of Technology, College of Aeronautics - United Kingdom

CRDA, Cantiere Riuniti dell'Adriatico - Italy (1931-?)

Creative Flight, Creative Flight Inc - Canada

Croses, Emilien Croses - France

CSS, Centralne Studium Samolotów - Poland

CTRM, Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Malaysia

Cub, Cub Aircraft Company - Canada

Cub Crafters, Cub Crafters Inc - United States

Culp, Culps Specialties - United States

Culver, Culver Aircraft Company - United States

Cunliffe-Owen, Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft - United Kingdom

Curtiss, Curtiss-Wright Corporation - United States, (1929-present)

Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company, Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company - United States, (1909-1929) > Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Ltd., Curtiss-Reid Aircraft Ltd. - Canada

Custom Flight, Custom Flight Components Ltd - Canada

Cvjetkovic, Anton Cvjetkovic - United States

C.W. Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom > General Aircraft Ltd

CZAW, Czech Aircraft Works SRO - Czechia

CZL, Centralne Zaklady Lotnicze - Poland, (Central Aviation Establishment)




DAC, Dutch Aeroplane Company VOF - Netherlands

Daewoo, Daewoo Heavy Industries Company Ltd - South Korea, (DHI) > Korea Aerospace Industries

Daimler, Daimler - United Kingdom

Dallach, WD Flugzeugleichtbau GmbH - Germany

Damoure-Fabre, Damoure et Fabre - France

D'apuzzo, Nicholas E. D'Apuzzo - United States

DAR, Darjawna Aeroplanna Rabotilniza - Bulgaria, (Dargeavna Aeroplanna Rabotilnitsa - Country Airplane Factory)

Darracq, Automobiles Darracq S. A. - France, (Darracq Motor Engineering)

Dart, Dart Aircraft Company - United States

Dart Aircraft Limited - United Kingdom

DASA, Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG - Germany, (1989-2000) > EADS

DASA, Deutsche Aerospace AG - Germany

DASA-Rockwell, see DASA and ROCKWELL - Germany/United States

Dassault, Avions Marcel Dassault - France, (1945-1969) > Dassault-Breguet

Dassault-Breguet, Avions Marcel Dassault-Bréguet Aviation - France, (1969-1990) > Dassault Aviation

Dassault, Dassault Aviation (1990-present) - France

Dassault-Breguet/dornier, see DASSAULT-BREGUET and DORNIER - France/Switzerland

Datwyler, MDC Max Dätwyler AG - Switzerland

Davis, Leeon D. Davis - United States

Dayton-Wright, Dayton-Wright Airplane Co. - United States, (?-1923) > Consolidated Aircraft

De Havilland, The De Havilland Aircraft Company Ltd - United Kingdom, (1920-1958) (DH) > Hawker Siddeley

De Havilland Australia, The De Havilland Aircraft Company Pty Ltd - Australia, (DHA) > Boeing

De Havilland Canada, Bombardier Aerospace De Havilland - Canada, (1928-1989) (DHC) > Bombardier Aerospace

De Havilland Canada, De Havilland Division of Boeing of Canada Ltd - Canada

De Havilland Canada, De Havilland Inc - Canada

De Havilland Canada, The De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd - Canada

De Schelde, Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde - Netherlands

Deborde-Rolland, Yves Deborde et Jean-Louis Rolland - France

Delisle, Club Aeronautique Delisle Inc - Canada

Denel Aerospace Systems, Denel Aerospace Systems, Denel Aviation - South Africa

Denize, Robert Denize - France

Denney, Denney Aerocraft Company - United States

Department Of Aircraft Production, Department of Aircraft Production - Australia, (1939-1941) > Government Aircraft Factory

Derazona, PT Derazona Aviation Industry - Indonesia

Derringer, Derringer Aircraft Company LLC - United States

Detroit Aircraft, Detroit Aircraft Corporation - United States, (?-1932)

Deutsche Airbus, Deutsche Airbus GmbH - Germany

Deutsche Flugzeugweke, Deutsche Flugzeugwerke GmbH - Germany, (DFW)

DFS, Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug - Germany, (1925-1945) (Deutsches Forschungsinstitut fur Segelflug - German Research Institute for Sailplane Flight)

Dewoitine, Constructions Aéronautiques Emile Dewoitine - France

Dewoitine, Société Aéronautique Française, Avions Dewoitine - France

DF Helicopters, DF Helicopters SRL - Italy

DG Flugzeugbau, DG Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Diamond, Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH - Austria

Diamond, Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc - Canada

Dickey, Shirl Dickey Enterprises - United States

Dijkman-Dulkes, Cor Dijkman-Dulkes - Netherlands

DINFIA, Dirección Nacional de Investigaciones y Fabricaciones Aeronáuticas - Argentina, (1957-?)

Dirgantara, PT Dirgantara Indonesia - Indonesia

DM Aerospace, DM Aerospace Ltd - United Kingdom

Doak, Doak Aircraft Company - United States

Dorna, H F Dorna Company - Iran

Dornier, AG für Dornier-Flugzeuge - Switzerland

Dornier, Dornier GmbH - Germany, (?-1959) > FUS

Dornier, Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH - Germany, (?-1989) > DASA

Dornier, Dornier-Werke GmbH - Germany

Douglas, Douglas Aircraft Company Inc - United States, (1920-1967) > McDonnell-Douglas

Downer, Downer Aircraft Industries Inc - United States

Dragon Fly, Dragon Fly Srl - Italy

Dream, Dream Aircraft Inc - Canada

Driggs, Driggs Aircraft Corporation - United States

Druine, Avions Roger Druine - France

Dubna, Proizvodstvenno-Tekhnichesky Kompleks Dubnenskogo Mashinostroitelnogo Zavod AO - Russia

Dumod, Dumod Corp. - United States

Durand, William H. Durand - United States

Duruble, Roland Duruble - France

Dyke, John W. Dyke - United States

Dyn'aero, Société Dyn'Aero - France



E. D. Abbott - see Abbott

E & K, E & K Sp z oo - Poland

EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association Inc - United States

EAC, Etudes Aéronautiques & Commerciales SARL - France

EADS, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company - France/Germany/Spain, (2000-present) (EADS)

EADS 3 Sigma (formerly 3 Sigma) - Greece

Eagle, Eagle Aircraft Company - United States

Eagle Aircraft, Eagle Aircraft Australia Ltd - Australia

Eagle Aircraft, Eagle Aircraft International - Australia

Eagle Aircraft, Eagle Aircraft Pty Ltd - Australia

Early Bird, Early Bird Aircraft Company - United Stateso

Eberhart, Eberhart - United States

Eclipse, Eclipse Aviation Corporation - United States

Ector, Ector Aircraft Company - United States

Edgar Percival, Edgar Percival Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Edgley, Edgley Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

EDRA, EDRA Aeronáutica - Brazil

EDRA, EDRA Helicentro Peças e Manutençao - Brazil

EHI, EH Industries Ltd - United Kingdom/Italy

Eich, James P. Eich - United States

EIRI, Eiriavion OY - Finland

EIS, EIS Aircraft GmbH - Germany

Ekolot, Ekolot - Poland

EKW, Eidgenössische Konstruktions Werkstätte - Switzerland, (Federal Aircraft Factory)

ELA Aviación, ELA Aviación SL - Spain

Elbit, Elbit Systems Ltd - Israel

Elicotteri Meridionali, Elicotteri Meridionali - Italy, (1967-?)

Elitar, Ehlitar OOO - Russia

Elmwood, Elmwood Aviation - Canada

Emair, Emair Inc - United States

Emair, Emair, Division of Emroth Company - United States

EMBRAER, Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica SA - Brazil

EMBRAER-FMA, see EMBRAER and FMA - Brazil/Argentina

Emroth, Emroth Company - United States

ENAER, Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica - Chile

English Electric, English Electric Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom, (?-1959) > British Aircraft Corporation

English Electric, English Electric Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Enstrom, R. J. Enstrom Corporation - United States

Enstrom, The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation - United States

Epervier, Epervier Aviation SA - Belgium

ERCO, Engineering and Research Corporation - United States

ERPALS, Erpals Industrie, Etudes et Réalisations de Prototypes pour l'Aviation Légère et Sportive - France

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise - Ethiopia

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines SC - Ethiopia

Etrich, Etrich - Austria

Euler, Euler - Germany

Eurocopter, Eurocopter Canada Ltd - Canada, (1992-present)

Eurocopter, Eurocopter GIE - France/Germany

Eurocopter, Eurocopter SA - France/Germany

Eurocopter, Eurocopter SAS - France/Germany

Eurocopter-Kawasaki, see EUROCOPTER and KAWASAKI - France/Germany/Japan

Euro-Enaer, Euro-Enaer Holding BV - Netherlands

Eurofighter, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH - Germany/UK/Italy/Spain

Euronef, Euronef SA - Belgium

Europa, Europa Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom

Eurospace, Eurospace Costruzioni Srl - Italy

Evangel, Evangel Aircraft Corporation - United States

Evans, Evans Aircraft - United States

Evans, W. Samuel Evans - United States

Evektor-Aerotechnik, Evektor-Aerotechnik AS - Czech Republic

EWR, Entwicklungsring-Süd - Germany

Excalibur, Excalibur Aviation Company - United States

Exclusive, Exclusive Aviation - United States

Experimental Aviation, Experimental Aviation Inc - United States

Explorer (1), Explorer Aviation - United States

Explorer (2), Explorer Aircraft Inc - United States

Express, Express Aircraft Company LLC - United States

Express, Express Design Inc - United States

Extra, Extra Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Extra, Extra Flugzeugproduktions- und Vertriebs- GmbH - Germany



F+W Emmen, Eidgenössisches Flugzeugwerk-Fabrique Fédérale d'Avions-Fabbrica Federale d'Aeroplani - B817

Fabrica Militar de Aviones, Fábrica Militar de Aviones - Argentina, (1927-1957) (FMA, or Military Aircraft Factory) > DINFIA > Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1925-1996) > FairchildDornier

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Aircraft Inc - United States

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Aviation Corporation - United States

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation - United States

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Industries Inc - United States

Fairchild (1), Fairchild Stratos Corporation - United States

Fairchild (2), Fairchild Aircraft Ltd. (Canada)

Fairchild Dornier, Fairchild Aerospace Corporation - United States/Germany, (1996-2002) > Avcraft, M7 Aerospace

Fairchild Hiller, Fairchild Hiller Corporation - United States

Fairchild Swearingen, Fairchild Swearingen Corporation - United States

Fairey, Fairey Aviation Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Fairtravel, Fairtravel Ltd - United Kingdom

Fajr, Fajr Aviation and Composites Industry - Iran

Falconar, Falconar Air Engineering - Canada

Falconar, Falconar Aircraft Ltd - Canada

Falconar, Falconar Avia Inc - Canada

Farigoux, Georges Farigoux - France

Farman Aviation Works, Farman Aviation Works - France, (1914-1936) > Ateliers Aéronautiques de Suresnes, SNCAC

Farrington, Farrington Aircraft Corporation - United States

Fauvel, Fauvel - France

Ferber, Ferber - France, (1906) > Antoinette

Feugray, G. Feugray - France

FFA, FFA Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein AG - Switzerland

FFA, Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG - Switzerland

FFT, Gesellschaft für Flugzeug- und Faserverbund Technologie - Germany

FFV, Försvarets Fabriksverk - Sweden, (later Förenade Fabriksverken)

FIAT, Fiat SpA - Italy, (?-1969) > Aeritalia

Fieseler, Fieseler Flugzeugbau - Germany

Fieseler, Gerhard Fieseler Werke GmbH - Germany

Fighter Escort Wings, Fighter Escort Wings - United States

Fike, William J. Fike - United States

Finavitec, Patria Finavitec OY - Finland

Fisher, Fisher Flying Products Inc - United States

Fisher Aero, Fisher Aero Corporation - United States

Flaglor, K. Flaglor - United States

Flair, Flair Aviation Company - United States

Fläming Air, Fläming Air GmbH - Germany

Fleet, Fleet Aircraft Inc - United States, (1928-1929) > Consolidated Aircraft > Fleet Aircraft of Canada

Fleet, Fleet Aircraft Ltd - Canada, (1930-1957)

Fleet, Fleet Manufacturing & Aircraft Ltd - Canada

Fleet, Fleet Manufacturing Ltd - Canada

Fleetwings, Fleetwings, Inc. - United States

Fletcher, Fletcher Aviation Company - United States

Fletcher, Fletcher Aviation Corporation - United States

Flettner, Flettner - Germany

Flight Design, Flight Design GmbH - Germany

Flight Engineers, Flight Engineers Ltd - New Zealand

Flightworks, Flightworks Corporation - United States

Flitzer, Flitzer Aero Publishing Company - United States

FLS, FLS Aerospace (Lovaux) Ltd - United Kingdom

FLSZ, Flight Level Six-Zero Inc - United States

Flug und Fhrezeugwerke, Flug und Fahrzeugwerke - Switzerland

Flug Werk, Flug Werk GmbH - Germany

Flugzeug Union Süd, Flugzeug-Union Süd GmbH - Germany

Flyer, Flyer Industria Aeronautica Ltda - Brazil

Flygindustri, AB Flygindustri - Sweden, (1925-1935) (AFI) > Malmö Flygindustri

FMA, Fábrica Militar de Aviones - Argentina

FMA, Fábrica Militar de Aviones SA - Argentina

Focke Achgelis, Focke-Achgelis - Germany

Focke-Wulf, Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG - Germany

Focke-Wulf, Focke-Wulf GmbH - Germany

Fokker, Fokker BV - Netherlands

Fokker, Fokker-VFW BV - Netherlands

Fokker, NV Koninklijke Nederlandsche Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker - Netherlands

Fokker, NV Koninklijke Nederlandse Vliegtuigenfabriek Fokker - Netherlands

Folland, Folland - United Kingdom, (1937-1959)

Ford Motor Company, Ford - United States, (1925-?)

Fornaire, Fornaire Aircraft Company - United States

Forney, Forney Aircraft Manufacturing Company - United States

Foster Wikner, Foster Wikner - United Kingdom

Fouga, Etablissements Fouga et Cie - France

Found, Found Aircraft Canada Inc - Canada

Found, Found Brothers Aviation Ltd - Canada

Four Winds, Four Winds Aircraft LLC - United States

Fournier, Avions Fournier SA - France

Fournier, Bureau d'Etudes Fournier - France

Fournier, Fournier Aviation - France

Fournier, René Fournier - France

Frakes, Frakes Aviation Inc - United States

Free Spirit, Free Spirit Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Freedom Master, Freedom Master Corporation - United States

Freewing, Freewing Aerial Robotics Corporation - United States

Frontier, Frontier Aircraft Inc - United States

Fry, Fry Aircraft Design - Switzerland

Fuji, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd - Japan

Fuji, Fuji Jukogyo K. K. - Japan

Funk, Funk Aircraft Company - United States

FVM, Centrala Verkstader Malmslatt - Sweden



GAF, Government Aircraft Factories - Australia, (1941-1987) > Aerospace Technologies of Australia

Gannet, Gannet Aircraft - United States

Ganzavia, Ganzavia Kft - Hungary

Gardan, Avions Yves Gardan - France

Gardan, Yves Gardan - France

Garland, The Garland Aircraft Company - United Kingdom

Garrison, Peter Garrison - United States

Gastambide-Mengin, Gastambide-Mengin - France

Gatard, Avions A. Gatard - France

Gatard, Société des Avions Statoplan, A. Gatard - France

Gates Learjet, Gates Learjet Corporation - United States

Gavilan, El Gavilán SA - Colombia

GEFA-FLUG GmbH, GEFA-FLUG GmbH - Germany, (1975-present) (Gesellschaft zur Entwicklung und Förderung Aerostatischer Flugsysteme GmbH - Company for the Development and Promotion of Aerostatic Aerial Systems)

General Aircraft, General Aircraft Corporation - United States

General Aircraft Limited, General Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1931-1948) (GAL) > Blackburn and General Aircraft

General Atomics, General Atomics - United States

General Avia, General Avia Costruzioni Aeronautiche SRL - Italy

General Dynamics, General Dynamics Corporation - United States

General Motors, Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors Corporation - United States

German Bianco, German Bianco SA, Fabrica Argentina de Aerodinos - Argentina

Giles, Richard Giles - United States

Gippsland, Gippsland Aeronautics Pty Ltd - Australia

Giravia, Giravia - France

Glaser-Dirks, Glaser-Dirks Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Glass, Glass Aircraft de Colombia - Colombia

Glassic, Glassic Composites LLC - United States

Glendower Aircraft Company, Glendower Aircraft Company - United Kingdom

Global, Global Helicopter Technology Inc - United States

Globe, Globe Aircraft Corporation - United States

Gloster, Gloster Aircraft Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Gloucestershire Aircraft, Gloucestershire Aircraft Co. - United Kingdom, (1917-1934) > Hawker Siddeley Group

Goair, Goair Products - Australia

Golden Circle, Golden Circle Air Inc - United States

Gomolzig, Herbert Gomolzig Ingenieurbüro - Germany

Goodyear, Goodyear Aircraft Corporation - United States

Gothaer Waggonfabrik, Gothaer Waggonfabrik - Germany, (GWF)

Gourdou-Leseurre, Gourdou-Leseurre - France

Government Aircraft Factory, Government Aircraft Factory - Finland

Grahame-White, Grahame-White Aviation Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom, (Claude Grahame-White)

Granville Brothers Aircraft, Granville Brothers Aircraft - United States

Great Lakes, Great Lakes Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Great Lakes, Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation - United States

Great Lakes, Great Lakes Aircraft Inc - United States

Great Plains, Great Plains Aircraft Supply Company Inc - United States

Grega, John W. Grega - United States

Gremont, Gremont - France

Griffon, Griffon Aerospace Inc - United States

Grinvalds, Jean Grinvalds - France

Grob, Burkhart Grob Flugzeugbau GmbH & Co kg - Germany

Grob|Grob, Burkhart Grob Luft- und Raumfahrt GmbH & Co kg - Germany

Groen, Groen Brothers Aviation Inc - United States

Grosso, Grosso Aircraft Inc - United States

Grove, Grove Aircraft Company - United States

Grover, Grover Aircraft Corporation - United States

Grumman, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation - United States

Grumman, Grumman Corporation - United States, (1930-1994)

Grumman American, Grumman American Aviation Corporation - United States

Guizhou, Guizhou Aviation Industrial Corporation - China

Gulfstream Aerospace, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation - United States, (1978-)

Gulfstream American, Gulfstream American Corporation - United States

Gyroflug, Gyroflug Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH - Germany




Hagglund, Hägglund & Söner - Sweden

HAI, Hellenic Aerospace Industry - Greece

Hainz, Franz Hainz - Germany

Halberstadt, Halberstädter Flugzeug-Werke GmbH - Germany

Hall, Cunningham-Hall Aircraft Corp. - United States

Halsted, Barry Halsted - United States

Hamilton, Hamilton Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Hamilton, Hamilton Aviation - United States

Handley Page, Handley Page (Reading) Ltd - United Kingdom

Handley Page, Handley Page Ltd - United Kingdom, (?-1970) > Scottish Aviation

Hannover, Hannover Waggonfabrik Aktien Gesellschaft - Germany

Hanriot, Aeroplanes Hanriot et Cie - France, (1914-1936) > SNCAC

Hansa-Brandenburg, Hansa-Brandenburg - Germany, > Heinkel

Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke, Hanseatische Flugzeugwerke - Germany, (Hansa)

HAPI, HAPI Engines Inc - United States

Harbin, Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation - China, (1952-?) (HAMC)

Harbin EMBRAER, Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry Company Ltd - China

Harlow, Harlow Aircraft Co. - United States

Harmon (1), James B. Harmon - United States

Harmon (2), D & J Harmon Co Inc - United States

Harmon (2), Harmon Rocket LLC - United States

Harris & Sheldon, Harris & Sheldon Ltd - United Kingdom

HAT, Hellenic Aeronautical Technologies - Greece

Hatz, John D. Hatz - United States

Hawker, Hawker Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1920-1961) > Hawker Siddeley

Hawker De Havilland, Hawker De Havilland Australia Pty Ltd - Australia

Hawker De Havilland, Hawker De Havilland Ltd - Australia

Hawker Pacific Aerospace, Hawker Pacific Aerospace - United Kingdom, (1980-present)

Hawker Siddeley, Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom

Hawksley, A W Hawksley Ltd. - United Kingdom

HB-Aircraft, HB-Aircraft Industries Luftfahrzeug AG - Austria

HB-Flugtechnik, HB-Flugtechnik GmbH - Austria

HBN, HBN Group - United Kingdom/France, (Hawker, Breguet and Nord-Aviation)

Heinkel, Ernst Heinkel AG - Germany, (?-1959) > FUS

Heintz, Christophe Heintz - France

Helibras, Helicópteros do Brasil SA - Brazil

Helikopter Services, Helikopter Services - Unknown

Helio, Helio Aircraft Company - United States

Helio, Helio Aircraft Corporation - United States

Helio, Helio Aircraft Ltd - United States

Heliopolis, Heliopolis Air Works - Egypt

Helipro, Helipro Corporation International - United States

Heli-Sport, CH-7 Heli-Sport Srl. - Italy

Heli-Sport, Heli-Sport Srl - Italy

Helwan, Helwan Air Works - Egypt

Henderson, Henderson Aero Specialties Inc - United States

Henschel, Henschel & Son - Germany

HESA, IRan Aircraft Industries - Iran

Heston Aircraft, Heston Aircraft Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom

HFB, Hamburger Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany, (?-1940) > Blohm + Voss

Highlander, Highlander Aircraft Corporation - United States

Hillberg, Hillberg Helicopters - United States

Hiller, Hiller Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Hiller, Hiller Aircraft Corporation - United States

Hiller, Hiller Aviation Inc - United States

Hiller, Hiller Helicopters - United States

Hiller, Hiller Helicopters Inc - United States

Hindustan, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd - India

Hindustan, Hindustan Aircraft Ltd - India

Hiro Naval Arsenal, Hiro Naval Arsenal - Japan

Hirth, Wolf Hirth GmbH - Germany

Hispano, La Hispano Aviacion SA - Spain, (?-1972) > CASA

Hispano-Suiza, Hispano-Suiza - France

Historical Aircraft, Historical Aircraft Corporation - United States

HK, HK Aircraft Technology AG - Germany

HOAC, HOAC Austria Flugzeugwerk Wiener Neustadt GmbH - Austria

Hoffmann, Hoffmann Aircraft Flugzeugproduktion und Entwicklung GmbH - Austria

Hoffmann, Hoffmann Flugzeugbau-Friesach GmbH - Austria

Hoffmann, Wolf Hoffmann Flugzeugbau KG - Germany

Holcomb, Jerry Holcomb - United States

Hollmann, Martin Hollmann - United States

Honda, Honda Motor Company Ltd - Japan

Honda-Mississippi, Honda & Mississippi State University - Japan/United States

Hongdu, Hongdu Aviation Industry Group - China

Hovey, Robert W. Hovey - United States

Howard (1), Howard Aircraft Corporation - United States

Howard (2), Howard Aero Inc - United States

Howard (2), Howard Aero Manufacturing Division of Business Aircraft Corporation - United States

Howard Hughes, Howard Hughes Engineering Pty Ltd - Australia

HPA, High Performance Aircraft GmbH & Co KG - Germany

Huff-Daland, Huff-Daland - United States, (1920-1933) (Ogdensburg Aeroway Corp.) > Huff-Daland Aero Corp. > Huff-Daland Aero Company > Keystone Aircraft Corporation

Hughes, Hughes Helicopters Division of Summa Corporation - United States

Hughes, Hughes Helicopters Inc - United States

Hughes, Hughes Tool Company, Aircraft Division - United States

Hummel, J. Morry Hummel - United States

Hunting, Hunting Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom, (1957-1959) > British Aircraft Corporation

Hunting Percival, Hunting Percival Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Hurel-Dubois, Société de Construction des Avions Hurel-Dubois - France

Hydroplane, Gidroplan ooo - Russia

Hydroplane, Hydroplane Ltd - Russia

Hynes, Hynes Helicopter Inc - United States

Hyundai, Hyundai Precision Industry - South Korea, > Korea Aerospace Industries



IAI, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd - Israel

Iannotta, Dott. Ing. Orlando Iannotta - Italy

IAR, SC IAR SA - Romania, (Industria Aeronautica Româna)

Iberavia, Spain

IBIS, Ibis Aerospace Ltd - Czech Republic/Taiwan

ICA, Intreprinderea de Constructii Aeronautice - Romania

ICA-Braşov, ICA-Braşov - Romania, (Aircraft Construction Factory)

III, Iniziative Industriali Italiane SpA - Italy

Ikar, OOO Aviaklub Ikar - Ukraine

Ikarus, Ikarus Tvornica Aero i Hydroplana - Serbia and Montenegro

Ilyushin, Aviatsionnyi Kompleks Imeni S. V. Ilyushina OAO - Russia

Ilyushin, Ilyushin OKB - Russia

Ilyushin - see Aviation Association Ilyushin

IMAM, Industrie Meccaniche e Aeronautiche Meridionali - Italy

IMCO, Intermountain Manufacturing Company - United States, (1962-1966) > Rockwell

IMP, IMP Group Ltd - Canada

Impulse, Impulse Aircraft GmbH - Germany

Indaer Chile, Industria Aeronáutica de Chile - Chile

Indaer Peru, Industria Aeronautica del Peru SA - Peru

Indus, IndUS Aviation Inc - United States

Industrias Aeronauticas y Mecanicas, Industria Aeronáutica y Mecánica del Estado (IAME) - Argentina, (1953-1957) (Aeronautical and Mechanical Industries of the State) > DINFIA

Innovation, Innovation Engineering Inc - United States

Instituo Aerotecnico, Instituto Aerotécnica (Fabrica Militar de Aviones) - Argentina, (1943-1957) (IA) > DINFIA

Instytut Lotnictwa, Instytut Lotnictwa - Poland

Inter-Air, International Aircraft Manufacturing Inc - United States, (?-1967) > Bellanca

Interavia, Interavia Konstruktorskoye Buro AO - Russia

Interceptor Corporation, Interceptor Corporation - United States

International Helicopters, International Helicopters Inc - United States

Interstate, Interstate Engineering Corporation - United States

Intracom, Intracom General Machinery SA - Switzerland

IPAI, IPAI, Escola de Engenharia de Sâo Carlos - Brazil

IPT, Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas - Brazil

IPTN, PT. Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara - Indonesia

IRGC, Institute of Industrial Research and Development of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps - Iran

IRIAF, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force - Iran

Irkut, Irkutskoye Aviatsionnoye Proizvodstvennoye Obedinenie OAO - Russia

IRMA, Intreprinderea de Reparat Material Aeronautic - Romania

Isaacs, John O. Isaacs - United Kingdom

ISAE, Integrated Systems Aero Engineering Inc - United States

Island Aircraft, Island Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Israviation, Israviation Ltd - Israel

Issoire, Issoire Aviation SA - France



J & AS, J & AS Aero Design Sp z oo - Poland

Jabiru, Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd - Australia

Jackaroo, Jackaroo Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Jag Helicopter, JAG Helicopter Group LLC - United States

James, James Aviation - New Zealand

Janowski, Jaroslaw Janowski - Poland

Javelin, Javelin Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Jeffair, Jeffair Corporation - United States

Jetcrafters, Jetcrafters Inc - United States

Jetprop, Jetprop LLC - United States

Jetstream, Jetstream Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Jodel, Avions Jodel SA - France

Jodel, Société des Avions Jodel - France

Johnson, Johnson Aircraft Inc - United States

Johnson, Johnston Aircraft Service - United States

Jordan Aerospace, Jordan Aerospace Industries - Jordan

Jovair -  United States

Junkers, Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG - Germany

Junqua, Roger Junqua - France

Jurca, Marcel Jurca - France



K & S, K & S Aircraft - Canada

K & S, K & S Aircraft Supply - Canada

Kader, Kader Aircraft Factory - Egypt

Kaiser, Kaiser Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Kalinauskas, Rolandas Kalinauskas - Lithuania

Kaman, Kaman Aerospace Corporation - United States

Kaman, Kaman Aircraft Corporation - United States

Kaman, Kaman Corporation - United States

Kaminskas, Rim Kaminskas - United States

Kamov, Kamov OAO - Russia

Kamov, Kamov OKB - Russia

Kamov, Vertoletyi Nauchno-Tekhnicheskiy Kompleks Imeni N. I. Kamova - Russia

Kanpur, Indian Air Force, Aircraft Manufacturing Depot - India

KARI, Korea Aerospace Research Institute - South Korea

Kari-Keen, Kari-Keen Aircraft Inc - United States

Kawanishi Aircraft Company, Kawanishi Aircraft Company - Japan

Kawasaki, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd - Japan

Kawasaki, Kawasaki Jukogyo KK - Japan

Kawasaki, Kawasaki Kokuki Kogyo K. K. - Japan

Kayaba, Kayaba Industrial Co. - Japan

Kazan, Kazansky Vertoletnyi Zavod AO - Russia

KEA, Kratiko Ergostasio Aeroplanon - Greece (1925-present)

Keleher, James J. Keleher - United States

Kelly, Dudley R. Kelly - United States

Kelowna, Kelowna Flightcraft Group - Canada

Kestrel (1), Kestrel Aircraft Company - United States

Kestrel (2), Kestrel Sport Aviation - Canada

Keuthan, Keuthan Aircraft - United States, (?-1996) > Aero Adventure Aviation

Keystone Aircraft Corporation, Keystone Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1920-1933) (Ogdensburg Aeroway Corp.) > Kestone-Loening > Curtiss-Wright

Khrunichev, Gosudarstvennyi Kosmicheskii Nauchno-Proizvodstvennyi Tsentr Imeni M V Khrunicheva - Russia

Kieger, André Kieger - France

Killingsworth, Richard Killingsworth - United States

Kimball, Jim Kimball Enterprises Inc - United States

Kimball, Michael G. Kimbrel - United States

Kinetic, Kinetic Aviation Inc - United States

King's, The King's Engineering Fellowship - United States

Klemm, Hans Klemm Flugzeugbau - Germany, > Siebel

Klemm, Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Klemm, Klemm-Flugzeuge GmbH - Germany

KLS Composites, KLS Composites - United States

Kokusai, Kokusai - Japan

Kolb, Kolb Aircraft Inc - United States

Kolb, Kolb Company Inc - United States

Kolb, The New Kolb Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Kondor, Kondor - Germany

Koolhoven, Koolhoven Aircraft - Netherlands

Korea Aerospace, Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd - South Korea, (KAI)

Korean Air, Korean Air Lines Company Ltd - South Korea

Kovach-Elmendorf, Alexander Kovach and Leonard Elmendorf - United States

Kovacs, Joseph Kovács - Brazil

Kreider-Reisner, Kreider-Reisner Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Kyūshū Aircraft Company, Kyūshū Aircraft Company - Japan



La France, Neil La France - United States

Laird, E. M. Laird Airplane Company - United States

Lake, A.E.R.O. Aircraft Services, LLC[1] - United States

Lake, Lake Aircraft Corporation - United States

Lake, Lake Aircraft Division of Consolidated Aeronautics Inc. - United States

Lake, Lake Aircraft Inc. - United States

Lake, Lake Amphibian Inc. - United States

Lambert, Lambert Aircraft Engineering bvba - Belgium

Lammer Geyer, Lammer Geyer Aviation - South Africa

Lancair, Lancair Group Inc - United States

Lancair, Lancair International Inc - United States

Lancashire, Lancashire Aircraft Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Larkin Aircraft, Larkin Aircraft Supply Co. - Australia, (LASCO)

Laser, Laser Aerobatics - Australia

Latécoère, Société Industrielle d'Aviation Latécoère - France

Laven, Joe Laven - United States

Laverda, Laverda SpA - Italy

LAVIASA, Latin Americana de Aviacion SA - Argentina

Lavochkin, Lavochkin (OKB-301) - Russia

Lear, Lear Inc - United States

Learjet, Bombardier Aerospace Learjet - United States

Learjet, Learjet Corporation - United States, (?-1990) > Bombardier Aerospace

Learjet, Learjet Industries Inc - United States

Learjet, Learjet Corporation - United States

Learjet, Learjet Inc - United States

Leavens, Leavens Brothers Ltd - Canada

Lederlin, François Lederlin - France

Legend, Legend Aircraft Inc - United States

Leger, Gilles Leger - Canada

LeO, Lioré et Olivier - France

Les Mureaux - see ANF Mureaux

Let, Let Národní Podnik - Czechoslovakia

Let, Let AS - Czech Republic

Letov, Letov - Czechoslovakia

Levasseur, Pierre Levasseur - France

Levy, Constructions Aeronautiques J. Levy - France

Leza, Leza AirCam Corporation - United States

Leza-Lockwood, Leza-Lockwood Company - United States

Liberty (1), Liberty Aeronautical - United States

Liberty (2), Liberty Aerospace Inc - United States

Lichtwerk, NV Lichtwerk - Netherlands

Light Aero, Light Aero Inc - United States

Light Miniature, Light Miniature Aircraft Inc - United States

Light Wing, Light Wing AG - Switzerland

Lightning Bug, Lightning Bug Aircraft Corporation - United States

Lilienthal, Otto Lilienthal - Germany

Linke-Hofman, Linke-Hofmann Werke A. G. - Germany

Lipnur, Lembaga Industri Penerbangan Nurtanio - Indonesia

Lisunov, Lisunov OKB - Russia

Little Wing, Little Wing Autogyros Inc - United States

Lmaasa, Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA - Argentina

Load Ranger, Load Ranger Inc - United States

Lockheed, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation - United States

Lockheed, Lockheed Corporation - United States, (?-1996) > Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin Corporation - United States, (1996-present)

Lockheed Martin-Boeing, see LOCKHEED MARTIN and BOEING - United States

Lockheed-Azcarate, Lockheed-Azcarate SA - Mexico, (LASA)

Lockheed-Boeing, see LOCKHEED and BOEING - United States

Lockheed-Kaiser, Avions Lockheed-Kaiser - Argentina

Lockwood, Lockwood Aviation Inc - United States

Loehle, Loehle Aircraft Corporation - United States

Loening Aeronautical, Loening Aircraft Co. Inc. - United States, (Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corp. or Grover Loening Aircraft Co. Inc.)

Lohner, Vienna, Austria

Loire, Loire - France

Lombardi, Aeronautica Lombardi - Italy

Lombardi, Francis Lombardi & Companie - Italy

Long, David Long - United States

Longren, Longren Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Lopresti, LoPresti Inc - United States

Loravia, Lorraine Aviation - France

LOT, Letecké Opravovne Trencin SP - Slovakia

Loving-Wayne, Neal V. Loving, Wayne Aircraft Company - United States

LTV, Ling-Temco-Vought Inc - United States

LTV, LTV Aerospace Corporation - United States

Lualdi-Tassotti, Lualdi-Tassotti - Italy

Lucas, Emile Lucas - France

Lunds Tekniske, Lunds Tekniske - Norway

Lundy, Brian Lundy - United States

Luscombe, Luscombe Aircraft Corporation - United States

Luscombe, Luscombe Airplane Corporation - United States

Luscombe, Luscombe Airplane Development Corporation - United States

Luton, Luton Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

LVG, Luft Verkehrs Gesellschaft - Germany

LWD, Lotnicze Warsztaty Doswiadczalne - Poland, (Experimental Aviation Workshops)

LWS, Lubelska Wytwórnia Samolotów - Poland, (Lublin Aircraft Factory)

Lyavin, Peter Lyavin - Russia




M&D Flugzeugbau, Germany

M7 Aerospace, M7 Aerospace - United States, (2002-present)

Macair, Macair Industries Inc - Canada

Macchi, Aeronautica Macchi SpA - Italy, > Aermacchi

Macdonald, MacDonald Aircraft Company - United States

Machen, Machen Inc - United States

Mad Max Aero, Mad Max Aero - United States

Magni, Magni Gyro di Vittorio Magni - Italy

Makelan, Makelan Corporation - United States

Malmo, AB Malmö Flygindustri - Sweden

MAPO, Federalnoye Gosudarstvennoye Unitarnoye Predpriyatie, Voyenno-Promyshlennyi Kompleks MAPO - Russia

Maranda, Maranda Aircraft Company Ltd - Canada

March, Jones And Cribb, March, Jones & Cribb Ltd. - United Kingdom

Marco, Marco-Elektronik Company - Poland

Marganski, Edward Marganski-Zaklad Remontów i Produkcji Sprzetu Lotniczego - Poland

Marie, Jean-Pierre Marie - France

Marmande, Marmande Aéronautique - France

Marquart, Ed Marquart - United States

Marsh, Marsh Aviation Company - United States

Marshall of Cambridge Aerospace - United Kingdom

Marshall & Sons, Marshall & Sons - United Kingdom

Martin, Glenn L. Martin Company - United States, (1912-1916, 1917-1961, ?-1996) > Lockheed Martin

Martin-Baker, Martin-Baker Aircraft Company - United Kingdom

Martinsyde, Martinsyde Ltd. - United Kingdom

Maule, Maule Air Inc - United States

Maule, Maule Aircraft Corporation - United States

Maupin, Jim Maupin - United States

Maverick, Maverick Air Inc - United States

Maverick, Maverick Jets Inc - United States

Max Holste, Société des Avions Max Holste - France

Max Holste, Société Nouvelle Max Holste - France

MBB, MBB Helicopter Canada Ltd - Canada, > Eurocopter Canada

MBB, Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH - Germany, (1969-1989) > DASA

MBB-Kawasaki, see MBB and KAWASAKI - Germany/Japan

Mccarley, Charles E. McCarley - United States

McCulloch - United States

Mcdonnell, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation - United States, (1938-1967) > McDonnell-Douglas

Mcdonnell, McDonnell Company - United States

Mcdonnell Douglas, McDonnell Douglas Corporation - United States, (1967-1997) > Boeing

Mckinnon, McKinnon Enterprises Inc - United States

Mckinnon, McKinnon-Viking Enterprises - Canada

MD Helicopters, MD Helicopters Inc - United States

MDB, MDB Flugtechnik AG - Switzerland

Mead, George Mead - United States

Melbourne, Melbourne Aircraft Corporation Pty Ltd - Australia

Melex, Melex USA Inc - United States

Menschinsky, Menschinsky - Russia

Merckle, Merckle - Germany

Mercury, Mercury Air Group - United States

Meridionali, Elicotteri Meridionali SpA - Italy

Merlin, Merlin Aircraft Inc - United States

Messerschmitt, Messerschmitt AG - Germany, (1938-1959) > FUS

Messerschmitt-Bolkow, Messerschmitt-Bölkow GmbH - Germany, (1968-1969) > MBB

Meteor, Meteor SpA, Costruzione Aeronautiche - Italy

Metropolitan Vickers, Metropolitan-Vickers (Metrovick) - United Kingdom

Mexican Agricultural Aeronautics - see AAMSA

Meyer, George W. Meyer - United States

Meyers, Meyers Aircraft Company - United States

Micco, Micco Aircraft Company - United States

Microcraft, MicroCraft Inc. (a subsidiary of Allied Aerospace Industries Inc) - United States

Microjet, Microjet SA - France

Microleve, Microleve - Brazil

Microturbo, Microturbo SA - France

Mid-Continent, Mid-Continent Aircraft Corporation - United States

Midwest Aerosport, Midwest Aerosport Inc - United States

Mignet, Henri Mignet - France

Mikoyan, Aviatsionnyi Nauchno-Promyshlennyi Kompleks MiG - Russia

Mikoyan, Aviatsionnyi Nauchno-Promyshlennyi Kompleks-ANPK MiG Imeni A. I. Mikoyana - Russia

Mikoyan, Mikoyan OKB - Russia

Mikoyan, Moskovskii Mashinostroitelnyy Zavod Imeni A. I. Mikoyana - Russia

MIL, Mil OKB - Russia

MIL, Moskovsky Vertoletny Zavod Imeni M L Milya OAO - Russia

Miles, F. G. and G. H. Miles - United Kingdom

Miles, F. G. Miles Ltd - United Kingdom

Miles, Miles Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Miller (1), Miller - United States

Miller (2), William Y. Miller - United States

Millicer, Millicer Aircraft Industries Pty Ltd - Australia

Mini-IMP, Mini-IMP Aircraft Company - United States

Mirage, Mirage Aircraft Inc - United States

Mitchell Aircraft Corporation, Mitchell Aircraft Corporation - United States

Mitchell-Procter, Mitchell-Procter Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Aircraft International Inc - United States, (see Mitsubishi Zero)

Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd - Japan

Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Jukogyo KK - Japan

Mitsubishi, Shin Mitsubishi Jukogyo KK - Japan

Molniya, Nauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Obedinenie Molniya OAO - Russia

Mong, Ralph Mong - United States

Moniot, Avions Philippe Moniot - France

Monnett, John T. Monnett - United States

Monocoupe, Monocoupe Corporation - United States

Monocoupe, Monocoupe of Florida Inc - United States

Montagne, Montagne Aircraft LLC - United States

Montana, Montana Coyote Inc - United States

Moog, Moog Incorporated - United States

Mooney, Al W. Mooney - United States

Mooney, Mooney Aircraft Corporation - United States

Mooney, Mooney Aircraft Inc - United States

Morane-Saulnier, Gérance des Etablissements Morane-Saulnier - France

Morane-Saulnier, Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier - France

Morane-Saulnier, Société d'Exploitation des Etablissements Morane-Saulnier - France

Morane-Saulnier, Société Morane-Saulnier - France

Moravan, Moravan AS - Czech Republic

Moravan, Moravan Národní Podnik - Czechoslovakia

Morrisey, Bill Morrisey - United States

Morrisey, Morrisey Aircraft Corporation - United States

Morrisey, Morrisey Aviation Inc - United States

Morrisey, The Morrisey Company - United States

Morse, George Morse Jr - United States

Moth Aircraft, Moth Aircraft Corporation - United States

Moura, Mauricio Impelizieri P. Moura - Brazil

Mraz, Tovarna Letadel Inz. J. Mráz - Czech Republic

MSW, MSW Aviation - Switzerland

Mudry, Avions Mudry & Cie - France

Mureaux - see ANF Les Mureaux

Murphy, Murphy Aircraft Manufacturing Ltd - Canada

Murphy, Murphy Aviation Ltd - Canada

Murrayair, Murrayair Ltd - United States

Mustang, Mustang Aeronautics Inc - United States

Mven, Mven OOO - Russia

Myasishchev, Eksperimentalnyi Mashinostroitelnyi Zavod Imeni V M Myasishcheva - Russia

Myasishchev, Myasishchev OKB - Russia

Mylius, Leichtflugzeuge-Entwicklungen Dipl. Ing. Hermann Mylius - Germany

Mylius, Mylius Flugzeugwerk GmbH & Co KG - Germany



Naglo, Naglo Boots-Werft - Germany

NAI, Nanjing Aeronautical Institute - China

Nakajima, Nakajima Aircraft Company - Japan

NAL, National Aeronautical Laboratory - India

NAMC (1), Nihon Aeroplane Manufacturing Company Ltd - Japan

NAMC (1), Nihon Kokuki Seizo KK - Japan

Nanchang, Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Company - China

Nanjing, Nanjing Light Aircraft Company - China

Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics - China

Nardi, Nardi Costruzioni Aeronautiche SpA - Italy

Nash, Nash Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

National Aeronautics, National Aeronautics Company - United States

National Steel, National Steel Corporation Ltd - Canada

Naval Aircraft Factory, Naval Aircraft Factory - United States

Navion, Navion Aircraft Company - United States

Navion, Navion Aircraft Corporation - United States

Navion, Navion Rangemaster Aircraft Corporation - United States

NDN, NDN Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Neico, Neico Aviation Inc - United States

NEIVA, Industria Aeronáutica Neiva SA - Brazil

NEIVA, Sociedade Construtora Aeronáutica Neiva Ltda - Brazil

Nesmith, Robert E. Nesmith - United States

Netherland Army Aircraft Factory, Netherland Army Aircraft Factory - Netherlands

New Glasair, New Glasair LLC - United States

New Glasair, New GlaStar LLC - United States

New Meyers, The New Meyers Aircraft Company - United States

New Standard, New Standard Aircraft Corporation - United States

New Zealand, New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd - New Zealand

NHI, NH Industries SARL - France/Germany/Italy

Nicollier, Henri Nicollier - France

Nieuport-Delage, Nieuport-Delage - France

Nieuport-Delage, Societe Anonyme des Etablissements Nieuport - France

Nipper, Nipper Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Nipper, Nipper Kits and Components Ltd - United Kingdom

Nitsche, LTB Gerhard Nitsche - Germany

Nitsche, Nitsche Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Noin, Noin Aéronautique - France

Noorduyn, Noorduyn Aviation Ltd - Canada

Noorduyn, Noorduyn Norseman Aircraft Ltd - Canada

Nord, Nord-Aviation, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques - France, (?-1970) > Aérospatiale

Nord, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord - France

Nordflug, Flugzeugbau Nord GmbH - Germany

Norman, Norman Aviation - Canada

Normand Dube, Aviation Normand Dubé Inc - Canada

North American, North American Aviation Inc - United States, (1928-1966) > Rockwell

North American Rockwell, North American Rockwell Corporation - United States

Northern, Northern Aircraft Inc - United States, (?-1959) > Downer

Northrop, Northrop Aircraft Inc - United States, (1926-1994)

Northrop, Northrop Corporation - United States

Northrop Grumman, Northrop Grumman Corporation - United States, (1994-present)

Nostalgair, Nostalgair Inc - United States

Nuri Demirag, Nuri Demirag - Turkey

Nurtanio, PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nurtanio - Indonesia

Nusantara, PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara - Indonesia

Nuventure, NuVenture Aircraft - United States

Nuwaco, NuWaco Aircraft Company Inc - United States

NZAI, New Zealand Aerospace Industries - New Zealand



Oakland, Oakland Airmotive Company - United States

Oberlerchner, Josef Oberlerchner Holzindustrie - Austria

OGMA, Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal - Portugal

Oldfield, Andrew Oldfield - United States

Oldfield, Barney Oldfield Aircraft Company - United States

Olympic Ultralights, Olympic Ultralights LLC - United States

OMAC, OMAC Inc - United States

OMF, Ostmecklenburgische Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Omni, Omni Titan Corporation - United States

Omni-Weld, Omni-Weld Inc - United States

On Mark, On Mark Engineering Company - United States

O'neill, O'Neill Airplane Company - United States

Optica, Optica Industries Ltd - United Kingdom

Option Air, Option Air Reno - United States

Orlican, Orlican Národní Podnik - Czech Republic

Oskbes-Mai, Otraslevoe Spetsialnoe Konstruktorskoe Byuro Eksperimentalnogo Samolyotostroeniya-Moskovskogo Aviatsionnogo Instituta - Russia

Osprey, Osprey Aircraft - United States

Österreichische-Ungarische Albatros Flugzeug Werke, Österreichische-Ungarische Albatros Flugzeug Werke - Austro-Hungarian Empire, (1914-1917) > Phoenix Flugzeugwerke

Ottawa Car Manufacturing, Ottawa Car Manufacturing - Canada, (Ottawa Car Company, The Ottawa Car and Aircraft Company)



PacAero, PacAero Engineering Corporation - United States

PACI, Philippine Aircraft Company Inc - Philippines

Pacific Aero, Pacific Aero-Products Co. - United States, (1916-1917) > Boeing

Pacific Aerospace, Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd - New Zealand

Pacific Airmotive, Pacific Airmotive Corporation - United States

PADC, Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation - Philippines

PAI, Pacific Aeronautical Inc - Philippines

Pakistan, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex - Pakistan

Palladium Autocars, Palladium Autocars Ltd. - United Kingdom, (1911-1925)

Panavia, Panavia Aircraft GmbH - Germany/United Kingdom/Italy

Panha, Panha - Iran, (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company)

Panzl, Greg Panzl - United States

Papa 51, Papa 51 Ltd - United States

Paramount, Paramount Aircraft Corporation - United States

Parker, Cal Y. Parker - United States

Parnall, George Parnall & Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Parrish, Parrish Aircraft Xperimental Inc - United States

Partenair, Partenair Design Inc - Canada

Partenavia, Partenavia Costruzione Aeronautiche SpA - Italy

Pasotti, Legnami Pasotti SpA - Italy

Paulista, Companhia Aeronáutica Paulista - Brazil

Pawnee, Pawnee Aviation - United States

Paxman's, Paxman's Northern Lite Aerocraft Inc - Canada

Payne, Vernon W. Payne - United States

Pazmany, Ladislao Pazmany - United States

Pazmany, Pazmany Aircraft Corporation - United States

PCV, Pregiate Costruzioni Volanti - Italy

Pegase Aero, Pegase Aero Enr - Canada

Pemberton-Billing Ltd, England (1913-1916) > Supermarine Aviation Works Ltd.

Pena, Louis Pena - France

Pennec-Lucas, Serge Pennec & Paul Lucas - France

Percival, Percival Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Peregrine, Peregrine Flight International - United States

Pereira, George Pereira - United States

Performance, Performance Aircraft Inc - United States

Pfalz, Pfalz Flugzeug-werke GmbH - Germany

Phillips, Peter J. C. Phillips - United Kingdom

Phillips & Powis, Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd - United Kingdom

Phillips & Powis, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Phoenix, Phoenix Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Phoenix Flugzeugwerke, Phoenix Flugzeugwerke - Austro-Hungarian Empire, (1917-?)

Phoenix-Aviacor, Phoenix OKB, Aviakor Mezhdunarodnaya Aviatsionnaya Korporatsiya OAO - Russia

Phönix, Phönix - Austro-Hungarian Empire, (1914-1919)

Piaggio, Industrie Aeronautiche e Meccaniche Rinaldo Piaggio SpA - Italy

Piaggio, Piaggio & Companie SpA - Italy

Piaggio, Piaggio Aero Industries SpA - Italy

Piaggio-Douglas, see PIAGGIO and DOUGLAS - Italy/United States

Piasecki, Piasecki Helicopter Corporation - United States

Piel, Avions Claude Piel - France

Piel, Claude Piel - France

Piel, Etablissements Claude Piel - France

Piel, Piel Aviation SA - France

Pietenpol, Bernard H. Pietenpol - United States

PIK, Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho - Finland

Pilatus, Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG - Switzerland

Pilatus Britten-Norman, Pilatus Britten-Norman Ltd - United Kingdom, (PBN)

Piper, The New Piper Aircraft Corporation - United States

Pitcairn, Pitcairn Aircraft, Inc. - United States

Pitcairn-Cierva, Pitcairn-Cierva Autogiro Company - United States, (1929-?)

Pitts, Curtis Pitts - United States

Pitts, Pitts Aerobatics - United States

Pitts, Pitts Aviation Enterprises - United States

Plage & Laskiewicz, Zaklady Mechaniczne A. Plage i T. Laskiewicz - Poland, (1920-1935) (Mechanical Works A. Plage & T. Laskiewicz) > LWS

Plan, Max Plan - France

Plumb, Plumb - United States

Pober, Paul H. Poberezny - United States

Podesva, Peter Podesva - Czech Republic

Podesva, Tomás Podesva - Czech Republic

Polikarpov, Polikarpov OKB - Russia

Politechnika Warszawska, Politechnika Warszawska - Poland

Porterfield, Porterfield Aircraft Corporation - United States

Portsmouth Aviation, Portsmouth Aviation Ltd, United Kingdom

Potez, Etablissements Henry Potez SARL - France

Potez, Société des Avions et Moteurs Henry Potez - France

Potez Air-Fouga, Potez Air-Fouga - France

Pottier, Avions Pottier - France

Pottier, Jean Pottier - France

Powell, John C. Powell - United States

Practavia, Practavia Ltd - United Kingdom

Prescott, Prescott Aeronautical Corporation - United States

Private Explorer, Private Explorer Inc - United States

Procaer, Progetti Costruzioni Aeronautiche SpA - Italy

Professional Aviation, Professional Aviation Services (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Progressive Aerodyne, Progressive Aerodyne Inc - United States

Promavia, Promavia SA - Belgium

Protech, ProTech Aircraft Inc - United States

Prowler, Prowler Aviation Inc - United States

Pulsar, Pulsar Aircraft Corporation - United States

Putzer, Alfons Pützer KG - Germany

PWS, Podlaska Wytwórnia Lotnicza - Poland, (WSK-PZL) (Panstowe Zaklady Lotnicze)

PZL-Mielec, Polskie Zaklady Lotnicze Sp z oo - Poland

PZL-Mielec, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Mielec - Poland, (Wytwornia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego - Transport Equipment Manufacturing Centre)

PZL-Mielec, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Mielec SA - Poland

PZL-Okecie, Centrum Naukowo-Produkcyjne Samolotow Lekkich-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa - Poland

PZL-Okecie, EADS PZL Warszawa-Okecie SA - Poland

PZL-Okecie, Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa-Okecie - Poland

PZL-Okecie, Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa-Okecie SA - Poland

PZL-Okecie, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Okecie - Poland

PZL-Okecie, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Warszawa-Okecie - Poland

PZL-Swidnik, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego Im. Zygmunta Pulawskiego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Swidnik - Poland

PZL-Swidnik, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Swidnik - Poland

PZL-Swidnik, Zygmunta Pulawskiego-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnicze Swidnik SA - Poland



Quercy, Centre National Quercy-Rouergue RSA - France

Quest, Quest Aircraft Company LLC - United States

Questair, Questair Inc - United States

Quickie, Quickie Aircraft Corporation - United States

Quickie, Quickie Enterprises Inc - United States

Quikkit, Quikkit Corporation - United States

Quikkit, Quikkit Division of Rainbow Flyers Inc - United States

Quikkit, Quikkit Inc - United States



R & B, R & B Aircraft Company - United States

RACA, Representaciones Aero Comerciales Argentinas SA - Argentina

Radab, AB Radab - Sweden

RAF (1), Royal Aircraft Factory - United Kingdom, > Royal Aircraft Establishment

Ragwing, RagWing Aircraft Designs - United States

Rainbow, Rainbow Aircraft (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Rand, Kenneth Rand - United States

Rand, Rand Robinson Engineering Inc - United States

Rans, Rans Inc - United States

Ravin, SA Ravin Composite Aircraft Manufacturers - South Africa

Raytheon, Raytheon Aircraft Company - United States

Raytheon, Raytheon Corporate Jets Inc - United Kingdom

Rearwin, Rearwin Aircraft & Engines Inc - United States

Rearwin, Rearwin Airplanes Inc - United States

Reda, Reda-MDT Ltd - Russia

Redfern, Walter Redfern Company - United States

Reflex, Reflex Fiberglass Works Inc - United States

Regy Freres, Regy Freres - France

Reims, Reims Aviation SA - France

Renaissance (1), Renaissance Composites Inc - United States

Renaissance (2), Renaissance Aircraft LLC - United States

Renard, Robert Renard - France

Replica Plans, Replica Plans - Canada

Republic, Republic Aviation Corporation - United States, (1939-?)

Revolution, Revolution Helicopter Corporation Inc - United States

Rhein, Rhein-Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany, (RFB)

Rhein-West-Flug, Rhein-West-Flug Fischer und Companie - Germany

Rihn, Dan Rihn - United States

Rihn, Rihn Aircraft Corporation - United States

Rikugun, Rikugun Kokugijutsu Kenkyujo - Japan, (Army Aerotechnical Research Institure)

Riley, Riley Aeronautics Corporation - United States, (?-1983) > Advanced Aircraft Corp

Riley, Riley Aircraft Corporation - United States

Riley, Riley Aircraft Manufacturing Inc - United States

Riley, Riley International Corporation - United States

Riley, Riley Turbostream Corporation - United States

RLU, Charles B. Roloff, Robert Liposky and Carl Unger - United States

Robin, Avions Pierre Robin - France, (1969-present)

Robin, Avions Pierre Robin Inc - Canada

Robin, Robin Aviation - France

Robinson, Robinson Helicopter Company - United States

Rock, J. Rock Segelflugzeugbau - Germany

Rocket, Rocket Aircraft Company - United States

Rockwell, Rockwell International Corporation - United States, (1966-1996) > Boeing North American

Rockwell-MBB, see ROCKWELL and MBB - United States/Germany

Rogerson Hiller, Rogerson Hiller Corporation - United States

Rogozarski, P. S. F. A. -Rogozarski - Yugoslavia, (1924-1941) (First Serbian Aircraft Factory-Rogozarski)

Rolladen-Schneider, Rolladen-Schneider Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Rollason, Rollason Aircraft and Engines Ltd - United Kingdom

Romaero, SC Romaero SA - Romania

Rotary Air Force, Rotary Air Force Inc - Canada

Rotec, Rotec Engineering Inc - United States

Rotorway, Rotorway Aircraft Inc - United States

Rotorway, Rotorway International - United States

Rouchaud, F. Rouchaud, Construction Aéronautique - France

Rousseau, Etablissements Rousseau Aéronautique - France

RTAF, Royal Thai Air Force - Thailand

RUAG, RUAG Aerospace - Switzerland

Rumpler, Edmund Rumpler - Austria, (Rumpler Flugzeugwerke GmbH)

Rupert, Charles Rupert Joses - Brazil

Ruschmeyer, Ruschmeyer Luftfahrttechnik GmbH - Germany

Rusjan Brothers, Rusjan Brothers - Austro-Hungarian Empire, (Edvard & Josiph (Jože) Rusjan)

Rutan, Rutan Aircraft Factory - United States, (Scaled Composites)

RWD, Rogalski, Wigura and Drzewiecki - Poland

Ryan, Ryan Aeronautical Company - United States



Saab, Saab AB - Sweden

Saab, Saab Aircraft AB - Sweden

Saab, Saab-Scania AB - Sweden

Saab, Svenska Aeroplan AB Saab - Sweden

Saab-Fairchild, see SAAB and FAIRCHILD - Sweden/United States

SAASA, Servicios Aéreas de America SA - Mexico

SABCA, Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques - Belgium

Sadler, Sadler Aircraft Corporation - United States

SAI (1), Skandinavisk Aero Industri AS - Denmark

SAI (2), SAI Società Aeronautica Italiana srl - Italy

Saint Germain, Centre de Recherches Jean Saint Germain Inc - Canada

Salvay-Stark, M. E. Salvay and George Stark - United States

Samsung, Samsung Aerospace Industries Ltd - South Korea, (SSA) > Korea Aerospace Industries

SAN, Société Aéronautique Normande - France

Sanderson, Sanderson Machine Corporation - United States

Sands, Ron Sands Company - United States

Sargent-Fletcher, Sargent-Fletcher Company - United States

SATIC, Special Aircraft Transport International Company - France/Germany

SAU, Nauchno-Proizvodstvennaya Korporatsiya Samoloty-Amfibyi Universalnyye - Russia

Saunders Aircraft, Saunders Aircraft Corporation - Canada

Saunders-Roe, Saunders-Roe Limited - United Kingdom

Sauper, Sauper Aviation SA - France

Sauser, Sauser Aircraft Company - United States

Savoia-Marchetti, Savoia-Marchetti - Italy, (1915-1951 & 1953-1983)

Scaled, Scaled Composites Inc - United States

SCAN, Société des Constructions Aéro-Navales - France

SCANOR, Société de Construction Aéronautique du Nord - France

Scenic, Scenic Aviation Services - United States

Schafer, Schafer Aircraft Modifications Inc - United States

Scheibe, Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Schempp-Hirth, Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Schempp-Hirth, Schempp-Hirth GmbH - Germany

Schempp-Hirth, Schempp-Hirth GmbH & Companie KG - Germany

Schempp-Hirth, Schempp-Hirth OHG - Germany

Schleicher, Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co - Germany

Schleicher, Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau - Germany

Schweizer, Schweizer Aircraft Corporation - United States

Scintex, Scintex-Aviation SA - France

Scottish Aviation, Scottish Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom, (?-1977) > British Aerospace


SEA, Société d'Etudes Aéronautiques - France

Seabird, Seabird Aviation Australia Pty Ltd - Australia

Seabird, Seabird Aviation Jordan LLC - Jordan

Seastar, SeaStar Aircraft Inc - United States

Seawind, Seawind Inc - United States

Seawind, Seawind International Inc - Canada

Seawind, SNA Inc - United States

SECM, SECM - France, (1916-1921) > Amiot

SEGA Aircraft, SEGA Aircraft - Belgium

Sepecat, Société Européenne de Production de l'Avion ECAT - France/United Kingdom

Sequoia, Sequoia Aircraft Corporation - United States

SEREB, SEREB - France, (1959-1970) (Ballistic Missiles Study and Manufacture Company) > Aérospatiale

Serv-Aero, Serv-Aero Engineering Inc - United States

Servoplant, Servoplant SRL - Romania

Seversky, Seversky Aircraft Corporation - United States, > Republic Aviation Company

SF, Swiss Aircraft and Systems Enterprise Corporation - Switzerland

SFECMAS, Societe Francaise d'Etudes et de Constructions de Materials - France, (1953-1955) (Société Française d'Etude et de Construction de Matériels Aéronautiques Spéciaux - French Company for the study and construction of special aeronautical materials) > SNCAN

SFERMA, Societe Francaise d'Entretien et de Reparation de Materiel Aeronautique - France, (Maintenance and Aeronautical Material Repairs Company of France)

SG Aviation, SG Aviation - Italy

SGAU, Samarsky Gosudartvennyi Aerokosmitsesky Universitet - Russia

Shaanxi, Shaanxi Aircraft Company - China

Shaanxi, Shaanxi Transport Aircraft Factory - China

Shadin, Shadin LP - United States

Shanghai, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory - China

Shanghai, Shanghai Aviation Industrial Corporation - China

Shanghai Sikorsky, Shanghai Sikorsky Aircraft Company Ltd - China

Shenyang, Shenyang Aircraft Corporation - China

Shenyang, Shenyang Aircraft Factory - China

Shenyang Sailplane, Shenyang Sailplane and Lightplane Factory - China

Shenyang Sailplane, Shenyang Sailplane Factory - China

Sherpa, Sherpa Aircraft Manufacturing Company - United States

Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation - China

Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Aircraft Plant - China

Shin Meiwa, Shin Meiwa Industry Company Ltd - Japan

Shin Meiwa, ShinMaywa Industries Ltd - Japan

Shin Meiwa, ShinMaywa Kogyo KK - Japan

Shinn, Shinn Engineering Inc - United States

Short, Short Brothers & Harland Ltd - United Kingdom, (?-1989) > Bombardier Aerospace

Short, Short Brothers Ltd - United Kingdom

Short, Short Brothers PLC - United Kingdom

Showa, Showa Aircraft Industry Co. , Ltd - Japan

SIAI-Marchetti, SIAI-Marchetti SpA - Italy

SIAT, Siebelwerke-ATG GmbH - Germany

Siddeley-Deasy, Siddeley-Deasy Motor Car Co. Ltd. - United Kingdom, > Armstrong Siddeley

Siebel, Siebel-Flugzeugwerke AG - Germany, (1955-1970) (Siebel Aircraft Factory) > MBB

Siemens-Schuckert, Siemens-Schuckertwerke - Germany

Sikorsky, Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corporation - United States

Sikorsky, Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies Corporation - United States

Silhouette, Silhouette Aircraft Inc - United States

Silvaire, Silvaire Aircraft Company - United States

Silvercraft, Silvercraft SpA - Italy

Sindlinger, Fred G. Sindlinger - United States

Singapore, Singapore Aerospace Ltd - Singapore

Singapore, Singapore Aircraft Industries Pte Ltd - Singapore

Singapore, Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd - Singapore

Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation - United States/China-Taiwan

SIPA, Société Industrielle pour l'Aéronautique - France

Siravia, Siravia SA - France

Sisler, Sisler Aircraft Company - United States

Sivel, Sivel Srl - Italy

Skycraft, Skycraft International Inc - United States

Skydancer, SkyDancer Aviation - United States

Skyfox, Skyfox Aviation Ltd - Australia

Skygear, Korean Light Aircraft Corporation - South Korea

Skyote Aeromarine, Skyote Aeromarine Ltd - United States

Skystar, Skystar Aircraft Corporation - United States

Slepcev, Slepcev Aircraft Industries - Australia

Slingsby, Slingsby Aviation Ltd - United Kingdom

Slipstream, SlipStream Industries Inc - United States

SMAN, Société Morbihannaise d'Aéro Navigation - France

SME, SME Aviation Sdn Bhd - Malaysia

Smith (1), Frank W. Smith - United States

Smith (2), Wilbur L. Smith - United States

Smith (3), Barry Smith - United Kingdom

Smyth, Jerry Smyth - United States

SNCA, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques - France

SNCAC, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Centre - France, (1936-1949) (SNCAC) (Aérocentre) > [[SNCAN, SNCASO, SNECMA

SNCAN, Societe Nationale de Construction Aeronautique du Nord - France

SNECMA, Société Nationale d'Étude et de Construction de Moteurs d'Aviation - France, (1956-1959) (National Company for the Study and Construction of Aviation Engines)

Snobird, SnoBird Inc - United States

Snow, Snow Aeronautical Company - United States

Snow, Snow Aeronautical Corporation - United States

SOCA, Société de l'Ouest de Construction Aéronautique - France

SOCATA, Socata Group Aerospatiale - France

SOCATA, Socata Group Aerospatiale Matra - France

SOCATA, Société de Construction d'Avions de Tourisme et d'Affaires - France

Soko, Preduzece Soko - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko, Soko Air Mostar - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko, Soko Metalopreradijavacka Industrija sa Organicenom Solidarnom Odgovornoscu Oour-A Oour Fabrika Vazduhoplova - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko, Soko Vazduhoplovna Industrija Radna Organizacija Vazduhoplovstvo - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko, Sour Vazduhoplovna Industrija Soko - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko, Vazduhoplovna Industrija Soko DD - Bosnia-Hercegovina

Soko-Cniar, see SOKO and CNIAR - Bosnia-Hercegovina/Romania

Soloy, Soloy Conversions Ltd - United States

Sonex, Sonex Ltd - United States

Sopwith, The Sopwith Aviation Company Ltd - United Kingdom

Sorrell, C. Hobart Sorrell - United States

Sorrell, Sorrell Aviation - United States

SPAD, Société Pour L'Aviation et ses Dérivés - France, (1910-1914) (1914-Post war) (Originally Société Pour les Appareils Deperdussin) > Blériot-SPAD

Spartan, Spartan Aircraft Company - United States

Specter, Specter Aircraft - United States

Speedtwin, Speedtwin Developments Ltd - United Kingdom

Spencer, P. H. Spencer - United States

Spencer, Spencer Amphibian Aircraft Inc - United States

Spezio, Tony and Dorothy Spezio - United States

Spitfire, Spitfire Helicopter Company Ltd - United States

Spirit, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc., - United States

Sport Racer, Sport Racer Inc - United States

Sportavia-Putzer, Sportavia-Pützer GmbH u. Co. KG - Germany

Spratt, George G. Spratt - United States

Spring, W. Spring - Canada

SSH, Serwis Samolotow Historycznich - Poland

St. Croix, St. Croix Aircraft - United States

St. Just, St. Just Aviation Inc - Canada

Stampe, Stampe & Renard - Belgium

Stampe, Stampe & Vertongen - Belgium

Standard Aircraft Corporation, Standard Aircraft Corporation - United States

Standard Motors, Standard Motor Company - United Kingdom

Starck, André Starck - France

Starfire, Starfire Aviation Inc - United States

Stark, Stark Flugzeugbau KG - Germany

Stark, Stark Iberica SA - Spain

Starkraft, Starkraft - United States

Stark-Trefethen, George Stark and Al Trefethen - United States

Star-Lite, Star-Lite Aircraft - United States

Starpac, Star of Phoenix Aircraft - United States

Statler, William H. Statler - United States

Staudacher, Staudacher Aircraft Inc - United States

Stearman, Stearman Aircraft Company - United States, (1927-1939) > Boeing

Steen, Lamar Steen - United States

Stemme, Stemme Gmbh & Co KG - Germany

Stephens, C. L. Stephens - United States

Stern, René Stern - France

Stern-Mallick, René Stern et Richard Mallick - France

Stewart (1), Stewart Aircraft Corporation - United States

Stewart (2), Donald Stewart - United States

Stinson, Stinson Aircraft Corporation - United States

Stinson, Stinson Division of Consolidated Vultee Corporation - United States

Stits, Stits Aircraft - United States

Stoddard-Hamilton, Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft Inc - United States

Stolp, Louis A. Stolp - United States

Storch Aviation, Storch Aviation Australia Pty Ltd - Australia

Stout, Stout Metal Airplane Company - United States

Streamline Welding, Streamline Welding Inc - Canada

Striplin, Striplin Aircraft Corporation - United States

Strojnik, Prof. Alex Strojnik - United States

Stroukoff, Stroukoff Aircraft Corp. - United States

SUD, Sud-Aviation, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques - France, (1957-1970) > Aérospatiale

Sud-Est, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Est - France, (?-1957) (SNCASE) > Sud-Aviation

Sud-Est, Sud-Est Aviation - France

Sudflug, Flugzeug-Union-Süd - Germany

Sud-Ouest, Ouest-Aviation - France, (1936-1957) (SNCASO) > Sud-Aviation

Sud-Ouest, Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Ouest - France

Sukhoi, Gosudarstvennoye Unitarnoye Predpriyatie Aviatsionnyi Voyenno-Promyshlennyi Komplex Sukhoi - Russia, (1939-present)

Sukhoi, Opytnyi Konstruktorskoye Buro Sukhogo AOOT - Russia

Sukhoi, Sukhoi OKB - Russia

Summit, Summit Aviation Inc - United States

Sun Lake, Sun Lake Aircraft - United States

Sunderland, Sunderland Aircraft - United States

Supapup, Supapup Aircraft, Division of Teknico Pty Ltd - Australia

Super-Chipmunk, Super-Chipmunk Inc - Canada

Supermarine, Supermarine Aviation Works (Vickers) Ltd - United Kingdom

Supermarine, Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd (Supermarine Division) - United Kingdom

Supermarine, Vickers-Armstrongs Ltd (Aircraft Section) (Supermarine Division) - United Kingdom

Supermarine Aircraft, Supermarine Aircraft PL - Australia

Suresnes - see Ateliers Aéronautiques de Suresnes

Svenska Aero, Svenska Aero - Sweden

Swearingen, Swearingen Aircraft - United States

Swearingen, Swearingen Aircraft Corporation - United States

Swearingen, Swearingen Aircraft Inc - United States

Swearingen, Swearingen Aviation Corporation - United States

Swearingen, Swearingen Engineering and Technology Inc - United States

Symphony Aircraft Industries - Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada

Synairgie, Synairgie - France

SZD, Przedsiebiorstwo Doswiadczalno Produkcyjne Szybownictwa-Panstwowe Zaklady Lotnice Bielsko - Poland

SZD, Szybowcowy Zaklad Doswiadczalny - Poland




Taifun, Taifun Experimental Design Bureau - Russia

Tamarind, Tamarind International Ltd - United States

Tampier, Tampier - France

Taneja, Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd - India

Tapanee, Tanapee Aviation Inc - Canada

Taylor (1), Taylor Aircraft Company - United States

Taylor (2), Moulton B. Taylor - United States

Taylor (3), C. Gilbert Taylor - United States

Taylor (3), Taylor Aero Inc - United States

Taylor (4), John F. Taylor - United Kingdom

Taylor Kits, Taylor Kits Corporation - United States

Taylorcraft (1), Taylorcraft Aircraft - United States

Taylorcraft (1), Taylorcraft Aviation Company - United States

Taylorcraft (1), Taylorcraft Aviation Corporation - United States

Taylorcraft (1), Taylorcraft Inc - United States

Taylorcraft (2), Taylorcraft Aeroplanes (England) Ltd - United Kingdom, (1938-1946) > Auster

Taylor-Young, Taylor-Young Airplane Company - United States

TBM, TBM Corporation - France/United States

TBM, TBM SA - France

Teal, Teal Aircraft Corporation - United States

Team Rocket, Team Rocket Inc - United States

Team Tango, Team Tango Division, DFL Holdings Inc - United States

Tech'aero, Tech'Aero - France

Technoavia, Nauchno-Kommerchesky Firma Technoavia - Russia

Technoflug, Technoflug Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Tecnam, Costruzioni AeronauticheTecnam Srl - Italy

Ted Smith, Ted R. Smith & Associates - United States

Ted Smith, Ted Smith Aerostar Corporation - United States

Ted Smith, Ted Smith Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Temco, Temco Aircraft Corporation - United States

Temco, Texas Engineering & Manufacturing Company Inc - United States

Tennessee Valley, Tennessee Valley Aviation Products Ltd - United States

Terr-Mar, Terr-Mar Aviation Corporation - Canada

Terzi, Terzi Aerodine - Italy

Texas Airplane, Texas Airplane Factory - United States

Texas Helicopter, Texas Helicopter Corporation - United States

Thomas-Martin, Thomas-Martin - Unknown

Thorp, John W. Thorp - United States

Thorp, Thorp 211 Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Thorp, Thorp Aero Inc - United States

Thorp, Thorp Aircraft - United States

Thorp, Thorp Engineering Company - United States

Thrush, Thrush Aircraft Inc - United States

Thunder Wings, Thunder Wings, Division of Thunder Development Inc - United States

Thurston, Thurston Aeromarine Corporation - United States

Thurston, Thurston Aircraft Corporation - United States

Tiger, Tiger Aircraft LLC - United States

Time Warp, Time Warp Aircraft Inc - United States

Tipsy, Ernest Oscar Tips - Belgium

Titan, Titan Aircraft Company - United States

TM Aircraft, TM Aircraft - United States

Toyota, Toyota Motor Corporation - Japan

Tradewind Turbines, Tradewind Turbines Corporation - United States

Trago Mills, Trago Mills Ltd - United Kingdom

Transall, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Transall - Germany/France

Transavia, Transavia Corporation Pty Ltd - Australia

Transavia, Transavia Division of Transfield (NSW) Pty Ltd - Australia

Trans-Florida, Trans Florida Aviation - United States, > Cavalier Aircraft

Travel Air, Travel Air Company - United States, (1924-1931) > Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Corporation

Travel Air, Travel Air Manufacturing Company Inc - United States

Trecker, Trecker Aircraft Corporation - United States

Tridair, Tridair Helicopters Inc - United States

Trident, Trident Aircraft Ltd - Canada

TRI-R, Tri-R Technologies Inc - United States

Tucker, Tucker Aviation Company - United States

Tugan Aircraft, Tugan Aircraft Company Limited - Australia, (?-1936) > Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation

Tupolev, Aviatsionny Nauchno-Tekhnishesky Kompleks Imeni A N Tupoleva OAO - Russia

Tupolev, Tupolev OKB - Russia

Turbine Design, Turbine Design Inc - United States

Turner, E. L. Turner - United States

TUSAS, TUSAS Aerospace Industries Inc - Turkey

TUSAS, TUSAS Havacilik ve Uzay Sanayi AS - Turkey

TUSCO, Tulsa Manufacturing Corporation - United States

TWI, TWI Flugzeuggesellschaft mbH - Germany



Udet, Udet-Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Uetz, Walter Uetz Flugzeugbau - Switzerland

UFO, Ultimate Flying Object Inc - New Zealand

Ullmann, Ullmann Aircraft Company - United States

Ultimate, Ultimate Aircraft Division of Ultimate Aerobatics Ltd - Canada

Ultravia, Ultravia Aero International Inc - Canada

Umbaugh, Umbaugh Aircraft Corporation - United States

Umbra, Aeronautica Umbra - Italy

UNC, UNC Helicopter - United States

Unikomtranso, Unikomtranso AO - Russia

Unis, Unis Obchodni spol sro - Czech Republic

United Canada, United Aircraft of Canada - Canada

United Consultant, United Consultant Corporation - United States

Urban, Urban Air sro - Czech Republic

UTVA, UTVA Fabrika Aviona - Yugoslavia, (1937-Present)

UTVA, UTVA-Sour Metalne Industrije, RO Fabrika Aviona - Yugoslavia



Valentin, Valentin Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany

Valladeau, Valladeau - France

Valmet, Valmet Aviation Industries - Finland

Valmet, Valmet OY, Kuoreveden Tehdas - Finland

Valmet, Valmet OY, Kuorevesi Works - Finland

Valmet, Valmet OY, Lentokonetehdas - Finland

Valtion, Valtion Lentokonetehdas - Finland

Valtion, Valtion Metallitehtaat - Finland

Van's, Van's Aircraft Inc - United States

Vardax, Vardax Corporation - United States

Varga, Varga Aircraft Corporation - United States

VAT, Vertical Aviation Technologies Inc - United States

VEB, Vereinigung Volkseigener Betriebe Flugzeugbau Dresden - Germany

VEF, Valsts Elektrotehniska Fabrika - Latvia, (State Electrotechnical Plant)

Veljekset Karhumaki, Veljekset Karhumaki OY - Finland

Velocity, Velocity Inc - United States

Venture, Venture Light Aircraft Resources LLC - United States

Verilite, Verilite Aircraft Company Inc - United States

Vertol, Vertol Aircraft Company - United States, (1956-1960) > Boeing

VFW, Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke GmbH - Germany

VFW, VFW-Fokker GmbH - Germany

Vickers, Vickers (Aviation) Ltd - United Kingdom

Vickers, Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd - United Kingdom

Vickers-Slingsby, Vickers-Slingsby Division of Vickers Ltd Offshore Engineering Group - United Kingdom

Victa, Victa Ltd - Australia

Victory Aircraft, Victory Aircraft Company - Canada, (?-1945) > Avro Canada

Vidor, Giuseppe Vidor - Italy

Viking, Viking Aircraft Ltd - United States

Viper, Viper Aircraft Corporation - United States

Visionaire, VisionAire Corporation - United States

Vitek, Kompaniya Vitek - Russia

Voisin, Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin - France, (Les Frères Voisin)

Volaircraft, Volaircraft Inc - United States

Volmer, Volmer Aircraft - United States

Volmer, Volmer Jensen - United States

Volpar, Volpar Inc - United States

Vought, Vought Aircraft Company - United States, (1961-1976)

Vought, Vought Corporation - United States

Vought-Sikorsky, Vought-Sikorsky Division of United Aircraft - United States

VSR, VSR - United States

VSTOL, VSTOL Aircraft Corporation - United States

VTOL Aircraft, VTOL Aircraft Pty Ltd - Australia

Vulcan Motor and Engineering, Vulcan Motor and Engineering Company Ltd. - United Kingdom

Vulcanair, VulcanAir SpA - Italy

Vultee, Vultee Aircraft Division of Avco - United States, (?-1943) > Convair

Vultee, Vultee Aircraft Inc - United States



WACO, WACO Aircraft Company (Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio) - United States

WACO, Waco Airplanes, Advance Aircraft Company - United States

WACO Classic Aircraft, Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation - United States

Waco Ohio, Waco Aircraft Company Ohio Inc - United States

Wagaero, WagAero Inc - United States

Wallerkowski, Heinz Wallerkowski - Germany

WAR, War Aircraft Replicas - United States

WAR, War Aircraft Replicas International Inc - United States

Waring & Gillow, Waring & Gillow Ltd. - United Kingdom

Warner (1), Richard Warner Aviation Inc - United States

Warner Aircraft Corporation (c1930s) - United States

Warner (2), Warner Aerocraft Inc - United States

Wassmer, Société des Etablissements Benjamin Wassmer - France

Wassmer, Wassmer Aviation SA - France

Watanabe, Watanabe Aircraft Plant - Japan, > Kyūshū

Watson, Gary Watson - United States

Weatherly, Weatherly Aviation Company Inc - United States

Wedell-Williams, Wedell-Williams Air Service Corporation - United States

Weir, G. & J. Weir - United Kingdom

Wendt, Wendt Aircraft Engineering - United States

Werft Warnemünde, Werft Warnemünde - Germany, (1917-1925) > Arado

Weser Flugzeugbau GmbH, Weser Flugzeugbau GmbH - Germany, (Weserflug)

West Australian Airways, West Australian Airways - Australia

Western, Western Aircraft Supplies - Canada

Westland, GKN Westland Helicopters Ltd - United Kingdom

Westland, Westland Aircraft Ltd - United Kingdom

Westland, Westland Helicopters Ltd - United Kingdom

Weymann-Lepere, Weymann-Lepere (Societe des Avions) - France

Whatley, Vascoe Whatley Jr - United States

Wheeler, Wheeler Aircraft Company - United States

Wheeler, Wheeler Technology Inc - United States

White, E. Marshall White - United States

White Lightning, White Lightning Aircraft Corporation - United States

Whittlesey Body, Whittlesey Body Co. Inc. - United States

Wilden, Helmut Wilden - Germany

Windecker, Windecker Industries Inc - United States

Windexair, Windexair AB - Sweden

Wing, Wing Aircraft Company - United States

Wingtip To Wingtip, Wingtip to Wingtip LLC - United States

Wittman, Steve J. Wittman - United States

Wolf, Donald S. Wolf - United States

Wolfsberg, Wolfsberg Aircraft Corporation NV - Belgium

Wolfsberg, Wolfsberg-Evektor SRO - Czech Republic

Wolfsberg, Wolfsberg Letecká továrna SRO - Czech Republic

Woods, H. L. Woods - United States

Wren, Wren Aircraft Corporation - United States

Wright Aeronautical, Wright Aeronautical - United States, (1919-1929)

Wright Company, Wright Company - United States, (1909-1916)

Wright-Martin, Wright-Martin - United States, (1916-1919)

WRM Motors of Oxford, WRM Motors of Oxford - United Kingdom, (William Richard Morris)

WSK, Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego - Poland

Wuhan, Wuhan Helicopter General Aviation Corporation - China

Wüst, Wüst GmbH - Germany

Wytwórnia i Naprawa Konstrukcji Lekkich (Wytwórnia i Naprawa Konstrukcji Lekkich) - Poland, (1996-1999)

WZL 3, Wojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze Nr. 3 - Poland



Xian, Xian Aircraft Company - China



Yakovlev, Moskovskii Mashinostroitelnyy Zavod "Skorost" Imeni A. S. Yakovleva - Russia

Yakovlev, Opytno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro Imeni A S Yakovleva OAO - Russia

Yakovlev, Yakovlev Aviatsionnoye Korporatsiya OAO - Russia

Yakovlev, Yakovlev OKB - Russia

Yalo, Zaklad Naprawy i Budowy Sprzetu Latajacego Yalo SC - Poland

Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, Yokosuka Naval Arsenal - Japan, (aka First Naval Air Technical Arsenal)



Zenair, Zenair Ltd - Canada

Zenith, Zénith Aircraft Company - United States

Zivko, Zivko Aeronautics Inc - United States

Zlin, Moravan Aeroplanes Inc - Czech Republic

Zlin, Moravan AS - Czech Republic

Zlin, Moravan Národní Podnik - Czech Republic

Zlin, Zlinská Letecká AS - Czech Republic

Zmaj, Fabrika aviona Zmaj - Yugoslavia


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