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Billion Dollar Ideas


This section focuses on the big ideas, some of which have the potential to change the world. While the general focus is on big business ideas, you will come across non-commercial ideas as well.


See the Billion Dollar Ideas blog for interesting articles and updates on billion dollar ideas 


The latest articles at BDi - The Billion Dollar Idea blog


Aug 2007


  1. How to Profit from the Billion Dollar Debt Crunch?
  2. Network Computing - Offering More than What I Want?
  3. Disruptive Business in the Rock Guitar World
  4. Subscription Model Great Way to Create a Billion Dollar Company
  5. Need a Million Bucks Quick? Sue Google!
  6. Digital Libraries and Broadband, Micropayments, Distributed Storage - Disruptive Technologies, Innovation, and Digital Libraries Research - The Case of a Billion-Dollar Business
  7. Green & Global Warming now Billion $ Businesses - Businesses see potential profits in joining battle against global warming
  8. Bra & Lingerie - A Century of the Billion Dollar Industry
  9. More than a Billion to Suffer from High BP (Blood Pressure)
  10. Fantasy Football Costs US Employers Billions in Employee Time
  11. Quirky Ideas -> Creativity -> Fantastic Business Ideas
  12. Billion Dollar Formula - 5 Ways To Build Billion $ Businesses Forbes
  13. CIO Can Help Disruptive Businesses - Clayton Christensen
  14. Taking Disruptive Ideas to Market and to Scale
  15. Breakthrough Ideas for 2007 - Harvard Business Review
  16. A Simple but Powerful Productivity Tip - from Jerry Seinfeld
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  19. 10 Attractive Small Business Ideas - AOL Small Biz
  20. 12 Big Ideas - Great Start-up Business Ideas - Business 2.0 / CNN
  21. Import of Fine Wine to India a Big Business Idea
  22. Make Time for Strategy - Michael Porter's Big Ideas
  23. Solutions to Tackle Global Warming - Branson's Next Bet
  24. Building New Markets by Unleashing Disruptive Innovation
  25. Biopolymers & Bioplastics - A High-growth industry?



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